Friday 17 July 2015

She wears short shorts!

Sometimes when I get a new doll I tend to focus entirely on that one and the others have to take a bit of a back seat.....and true to form, this has happened with Valentine, my new little Secretdoll Person.  Having said that, I have been playing with the other dolls that I have here with me at the coast but I've just not got around to photographing them much. 

So yesterday I made a little pair of shorts for Valentine, using a pair of Blythe knickers as a pattern.  The knickers are the ones that look like little boxer shorts, not the actual 'high leg' knickers.  They're so tiny!  The waist is very small, but the fit was really she is modelling them with an old red tee shirt that I've had 'forever'....the little cherry 'applique' on the front of it is actually just hanging there, it's not sewn on or anything, so that I can use the tee shirt with other things too.

Here's a funny thing about Persons..they don't have ears OR belly buttons!  Strange that!  And yet despite not having ears, they seem to hear everything that's going on.....especially when you're talking about sewing for a different doll!!!  

I know this is a duplicate of the first photo above but I thought she looked so sultry that I thought I'd share it too.....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...and are enjoying your summer!!!


  1. Love her 'new' outfit, the shorts are great. She does indeed look very sultry in the first photo. These dolls are so versatile, I love how they all look the same but different and how clothes or poses can change a look.
    It's only natural for the newest doll to push the others out the way for a while, sometimes that's just as well as it allows you to 'bond' with them.hugs Dee xxx

    1. Thanks very much Dee, glad you like the outfit. And you're right, it really is the only way to bond......well that's my excuse too!

  2. She is looking great in the shorts :-). I like her hair, it suits her face very well! Enjoy the weekend too xx

  3. What an adorable little girl...very cute shorts and shoes! You have a lovely weekend as well! xo

  4. Another great outfit and what darling shoes! Valentine looks adorable! A great post and thank you for the lovely wishes. You too! :) xxx


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