Thursday 9 July 2015

More sewing in the sunshine....

Today I made this little knit fabric dress for the Little Darlings.  It's going to America with all the Sasha outfits I finished last week, so my friend will be getting a nice big package soon...I hope she'll like all the outfits.

I used a pair of child's new leggings for the main part of the dress and the back of the pockets are a contrasting fabric from a new child's dress.  The socks are dark pink and white stripes.

Today's model is Gem, my newest Little Darling #2 sculpt, handpainted in 2010 by Dianna Effner.  She worked very  hard in the sunshine and as a result caught the sun across her nose and cheeks! 


  1. Really lovely outfit Sharon and looks so nice on your newest girl Gem. I love her face with this short hair with the flicked ends.
    Does look like she's caught the sun best put some sunscreen on if she's working tomorrow!! hugs Dee xxx

  2. Very sweet outfit. Gem...xoxo!

  3. Beautiful. Perfect for this little cutey - you have to make one for her to keep too! The colour is just right for her. xxx

  4. Gem is a super darling girl and I love her new outfit, so pretty in her pink! Someone in America is going to be thrilled with their fantastic Sharon-made creations!!! :) xxx


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