Friday 4 March 2016

A Girl for All Time Lydia, looking for a new home! SOLD - Thankyou!

I recently showed this sweet girl on here, she is Lydia from the British company, A Girl for All time.  Unfortunately, although I think she is very pretty and very good quality, she just doesn't fit in with my other dolls.  So she is looking for a new home!

Lydia will come with her complete stock outfit.  She is lovely and clean with no bad smells or damage.  Her outfit is also in great condition.  I have added extra blush to Lydia's cheeks and made her eyebrows slightly darker.  She has lovely black hair which has a slightly lighter shade of dark brown (if that makes sense!) highlights running through it, and very deep blue acrylic eyes.  Lydia is about 16 inches tall and has additional joints at her elbows and knees.

Lydia retails for about £90 but I'm asking £70 (approx $100) or near offer plus postage.  I will ship worldwide.  I do not have her original box but would wrap her well for her journey.

Please email me at if you are interested in giving her a new home!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend everyone :)



  1. I would be interested if I hadn't just bought a couple of other dolls! She is the only other Girl For All Time I would like - I have Matilda - and your Lydia is so much micer with the blush and eyebrow enhancement.
    Did you make her outfit? I have been looking for updated stuff or patterns for Matilda.
    Hope Lydia finds a great home.
    J xx

  2. Sharon, she really is a wonderful doll and I am sure she will soon find a home with a loving GFAT collector. If I collected other dolls aside from BJD's I would snap her up!
    Good luck with her sale.

  3. Lydia is wonderful Sharon and what a fantastic outfit you made for her! She is sure to be adopted soon! Big hugs coming your way! :) xxx

  4. She beautiful and you are selling her at such a great price, I wish that I could justify the money. I hope she finds a good home soon.


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