Sunday 6 March 2016

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Because I've not been able to get out and take any dolly photos recently as I've been busy sewing, I thought I'd share some old photos that I found today on my laptop.  They were taken in  2005 in a place called El Chorro which is located in Malaga Province, here in Andalucia, southern Spain.  These photos show only a very tiny part of it, as it is in fact three artificial lakes created by a dam built across the dramatic 200 m. high Guadalhorce river gorge, known as the Garganta del Chorro.   These were taken at just one of the lakes and they really are soooo turquoise in colour, and the water is really very deep and can be quite cold even in the hot summer months.  It's also a great place to fish!

The first ten photos were taken in April 2005.....

Now I wouldn't mind living in that property right there on the lake, would you?

These last two photos were taken in November can see from the shore line that the water level had dropped down considerably since the spring photos above. 

You can see row upon row of Olive groves in the background, all planted in neat straight lines!

I hope you've enjoyed this little bit of Spain and wish everyone a great week ahead :)


  1. Oh I have loved seeing all these pretty photos Sharon. It looks so peaceful and the lake is such a beautiful shade of turquoise!! I could easily fall in love with a place like that.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Sharon! I would so love to see this in person! I'm not sure that I've ever seen water that color. Thanks for sharing!!! Xo

  3. Oh wow, the colour of the water is just breath-taking! And the rolling hills in that last shot look like they're just calling out for hikers. Really beautiful scenery (and photos)!

  4. Beautiful Spanish scenery. Just how I remembered it from my one and only visit there many years ago.
    Love the colour of the water in contrast to the dry, sandy earth interspersed with the low growing grey/green shrubs and tall narrow leaf trees.
    ...'What a wonderful world!...'

  5. What a wonderful place, such a beautiful colour water. Yes that house by the lake would be a great place to live.
    Gorgeous photos Sharon looks a great place to visit :)xx

  6. Spain is a beautiful country! Thank you for sharing these photos, the water is truly amazing. :) xxx

  7. Thank you for all the nice comments, sorry for the generic post of thanks. I'm off to bed and thought it was better to do a single thanks than to not thank you at all :)


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