Thursday 3 November 2011

Enyo is on it's way!!!

Little Enyo is now on his/her way home!  I'm really pleased as they are so cute!  All the photos I've seen so far have been very endearing.....

I don't know if mine will be a boy or a girl, perhaps neither.....perhaps he/she will be a little 'it'!  I certainly can see why people are enchanted with them.  And hey, I'm helping the economy here in Spain too....because the designer is Spanish! 

Ahhh I knew there was a reason why I had to have one!!!

Anyway, I already have several names in mind for him or her......but I'll keep them in my head for now until the little one is here and in my hands!

This is not my photo, I believe it belongs to Laura, who 'is' Irrealdolls and designed Enyo.....but I just had to share.  I hope she won't mind me using this photo until my own little one comes home and I can take my own photos.  My little Enyo is normal/oriental skin and doesn't have the heart 'tattoo' on her face.


  1. Congratulations Sharon !
    I am sure your Enyo will be very cute as a boy or as a girl !

  2. Congrats Sharon. Enyo is such a lovely and special doll.


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