Tuesday 22 November 2011

Ebay here I come!

Today I took the plunge and listed my two outfits on ebay, they are made especially for Enyo by Irrealdoll.....I hope someone, well perhaps two someones actually, will like them enough to buy them!  Here are the links:

Little Enyo has really inspired me to sew and I've enjoyed designing new patterns for her/him and making these outfits!  Thank you for taking the time to look!

In other dolly news, I received two parcels today!  One of them was a wig from the UK, a Tibetan lambswool one that I intended for my Lati Yellow Halloween Cat Lea.  However, when I tried it on my little tanned ex Vampire Cookie, I realised that it really is for her, so she will be keeping it for now!  I really never envisaged her as a redhead but I think it is perfect for her!  Here is a photo of her wearing it!

My second parcel contained by beautiful Volks F01 Nana head which had been to Luna in Italy for a new faceup!  And my goodness, she is gorgeous, my photos just don't do justice to Luna's lovely work.  I would like to get some new glass eyes in deep brown but for now she is wearing these bright blue ones.  The wig is the one she normally wears but whilst she was away I washed and conditioned it, so it is nice and fresh and shiny.....just perfect!!  Of course as soon as we went out into the garden to take her photos, so it started to rain again, so they were a bit rushed!

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