Sunday 6 November 2011


Today, despite having lots of things I should have been doing, I decided to spend ages playing about with a photo framing site on the internet, giving my dolls pretty frames around their photos!  Here are a couple of them:

These are two of my favourite dolls....the top photo is of Fiona, my Little Fee Ante and the lower one is Heather Sky, my fav Blythe, customised by me!!

After that, I made a couple of pairs of jeans for my friends Limhwa to You Sara, I don't have one of these tiny little Sara dolls so I had to look at photos of her wearing jeans that I made previously for the same friends Blythe and Mini Riz and then judge the fit from there.  I used to have no problems with making jeans for any doll just from measurements and thankfully never had a single complaint but recently I've felt more stressed about making jeans for dolls just from measurements.  I like to put so many details into them that it would be such a shame if they didn't fit the doll they were intended for.  I always make it really clear to people that if I don't have the exact same doll that they want jeans for, then the sizing would be at their own risk, but I worry all the same!!  But that's just me! 

So that has been my day.  And now I'm going to grab some supper, put my feet up and watch an old episode of Foyles War!!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Sharon:
    I was going over my old contacts, and found you, still here after all these years! Ha!
    Glad you are still Dolly-ing!
    I am still a Hitty-Mom, with 5 now.
    Diana Stevens

  2. Hey Sharon!

    Perci here from Ice Cream or Noodles - Nice blog you've got! I'll be watching it with interest.

    Also - I didn't know you had Blythes!

  3. Hi Diana
    Lovely to hear from you! Yes, I'm still going strong with my dolls! How could we be without them, eh? LOL! Oh yes, I remember the little Hitties too!
    Hugs Sharon x

  4. Hi Perci
    Thank you for commenting, thanks for watching!
    Yes, got into Blythe about a year ago after seeing Vainilladolly customs in the 'plastic' so to speak. Now I just love how quirky they are and have been having lots of fun customising them!
    Hugs Sharon x


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