Monday 25 July 2011

Life's a Beach!

This morning I decided to make a pattern for a knit fabric hat with ear flaps for the size 6/7 head.....well it was Persephone's idea so she helped me to draw up the pattern....she hopes that the 'prototype' will be hers!!! We shall have to see how it turns out, I might have a go at sewing it tomorrow.

Today after a lovely lunch of good old fish and chips from a British bar in Torre del Mar, I spent a pleasant few hours on the beach with our friends, Audrey and Bill. The sea was a lot warmer than last week but unfortunately Audrey wasn't in the water long before she was stung on her arm by a jellyfish! It was a nasty sting but fortunately it didn't hurt her for too long.

We were fortunate enough to see a couple of wild dolphins swimming by but they were quite far out, much to far to be able to photograph.....such a shame as I've been waiting 6 years to spot dolphins here! Everyone else seems to have seen them but me. I swear that when I stop looking and turn away from the sea, so they start performing all those tricks that they so seem to enjoy doing! LOL!

We finally left the beach at 7.30pm, such a lovely day!

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