Saturday 23 July 2011

Beach days....

Yesterday I went to the beach, it is just about 100 metres from my front door and yet I do not often go there in the summer, I prefer it in winter when it is sunny but not as hot. But yesterday I was persuaded to go by my neighbours, who only come here a few times a year from the UK. So off we went and of course I got carried away listening to all the gossip and forgot to put my suncream on until the damage was done. I'm now red like a lobster and my skin stings a bit!!! I think it is time to cut a stalk from the aloe vera plant and soothe my skin!!! I never learn! But it was nice all the same.....we swam in the sea and the water was really cold though!

Later I spoke with my son Brendan, who told me that a dolly package had arrived for me from Belgium! It is my little Lati Yellow Dragon Gabie that I bought from Shazdolls.....Gabie has been a doll on my wish list for ages, so I was delighted to be able to get her from Shaz! I really look forward to getting her out of her box when I get home! Here is a photo of her (borrowed from Shaz, who I hope will not mind)....I've already been making a little 'welcome home' outfit for Gabie, so she will have something to wear that is just 'hers'!!!

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