Sunday 17 July 2011

A great week!

Parcel-wise, this has been a great week for me! First of all my new Kindle 3 eReader arrived and I'm very pleased with it. I did already have an ebook but it was a cheap make and had its limitations....the battery would only last a few hours on a full charge, being one of them. As an avid reader, I really needed something that would last at least a day before needing to be recharged again, so after some research decided on the Kindle.

I sold a doll so decided to spend it on a Kindle if I could find a good one on Ebay for a reasonable price....and lo and behold, hubby sent me a link to one, new in packet, within the EU, so I bought it! It arrived within 4 days and already I've loaded some 130+ books on to it!

My second parcel of the week was my Secretdoll Person 21! And I really love her, she has so much personality crammed into her 18cm frame! Who'd have thought it...this weird looking little doll with no ears, could turn up and take over the dolly room! I've named her Persephone, but will call her Percy for's a photo of her wearing the outfit I got up at 5am to make for her!!!...isn't she the cutest little thing!!!

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