Saturday 17 September 2011

Back at the beach....

After almost three weeks at home, we felt it was time to come back down to the coast again, so here we are, having arrived yesterday lunchtime.  All is well down here, we have new neighbours that we've yet to meet and the weather continues to be beautiful, hot and sunny....although I have to say that the humidity is very much higher than at home.

I spent yesterday afternoon sitting on our deck,  giving my Puki Fee Ante a new faceup.  This is the second PKF Ante that I've had, the first one left to live in the UK....and this one nearly went the same way as I really did not like her faceup....I honestly felt that it was not up to Fairylands usual great standard.  I just couldn't warm to her at all.  So I thought "I've got nothing to lose, I'll try giving her a new faceup myself"....which is exactly what I did!  And I'm happy to say that I'm actually very pleased with it...she is far more what I had in mind than her default faceup was!  Here are a couple of photos of her finished look....please excuse the bed hair!    

 Now all she needs is a name!

Speaking of faceups, I've been lucky enough to secure a spot for late October with a wonderful faceup artist here in Europe!  I am hoping to have my big Volks F01 Nana repainted!  She has a nice faceup now but I'm looking for something different!  I am really looking forward to seeing what this lady can do for her....she does beautiful work!  Watch this space!

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