Thursday 1 September 2011

The rain in Spain.....

We are now home from the coast, having returned on Tuesday and this afternoon we have had a massive rain storm!  It is like the Rio Grande outside our front door as I write....I suspect that there could be some localised flash flooding as the ground is so hard and dry after so many months without a drop of rain.  I have to say though that the excess water is really needed in the garden as the plants were beginning to look a tad sorry for themselves as we'd left Brendan in charge of watering .... he is not as vigilant of their watering needs during the hot summer months, as Brian is!

Yesterday I put to good use some of the lemons that we have so many of from the garden.  I made a lemon tart for the lads...I'm not that keen on it  myself, so they will get to eat it all!  It is so simple to make and yesterday I made it even easier as instead of using a pastry base, I actually used crushed Digestive biscuits mixed with butter.  They tell me the base was "LOVELY!".  The actual lemon filling is just condensed milk mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and then poured into the base and left to set in the fridge.  No need for weighing or measuring....MY kind of cooking!

I've spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of days working on my Blythe Heather Sky.  I think I wrote that I'd had a problem with her hair after giving it a conditioning treatment, so I wanted to rectify that (if possible) as soon as we got home.  I think the problem was that down on the coast our water is really really soft and the conditioner I used just wouldn't come out of her hair.  Plus her fringe went all weird on me.  So when we got home here, I gave her a whole new hair treatment then following instructions from a lovely lady on Blythe Kingdom, I re-thatched her parting and then ironed her fringe in place.  Now it looks absolutely perfect again!

Whilst I had Heather in pieces, I decided to give her a whole new make up, so I did that too and am really delighted with how she has turned out.  I carved a little more on her mouth too.  She is still the same Heather but with a more colourful fresh look!  Here she is in all her glory:

 I also gave her sleep eyes!

I also got a Licca body for my Nicky Lad.  I think this thin gangly body really suits this face sculpt.  Here is a photo that I took of her this morning.  Funny little thing, isn't she!

I think these two girls will come to Blythe Con with me!

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