Sunday 25 September 2011

Getting ready to travel.....AND dolly packages!

We came back from the coast on Friday afternoon, the week down there just went toooo quickly!  So here we are home again and the house is sooo dusty as work began on our road whilst we were away....resurfacing and new underground pipes!  It resembles a builders yard out there as the road surface is no more, currently just ... well dust!!! 

However, all was not bad about coming home!  I had two lovely parcels here waiting for me from Australia.  One was a very cute little crossover style cardigan from May (Maisiedoats) which was made for Blythe but will fit my Person dolls too!  Such minute and delicate stitches as usual!

And the second package was my gorgeous Elfdoll Lovely Dami which Sugarlump on DOA so kindly let me adopt!  Sugarlump was a brilliant seller; at my request she took Dami to pieces so that she could travel in a much smaller box and everything was packaged up so carefully and safely!

I'm absolutely delighted with Dami, she is everything I expected and more!  I spent Friday night trying on every wig I have in her size and have to say that she suited nearly every one of them, she is soooo versitile!  Here are a couple of photos that I took of her after putting her together, wearing an outfit that I made especially for her to think of a suitable name for her!

This morning I have been packing my bags for my fast approaching trip to the UK!  Only two more days and then on Wednesday I will be heading off to Malaga for my flight to London.  I have packed two Blythe girls, Heather Sky and Nicky Lad (both customised by me), well it is a Blythe Con that I'm going to!  But of course I couldn't leave it at that, I had to add my two Secretdoll Persons (8 and 21) ..... and I really really want to take Dami with me too.......I'm trying to talk myself out of it but the more I do so, so the other part of me has an answer as to why she will be fine if she comes along for the trip!!! 

I'm sure I will be able to fit her in....after all she is very skinny!  And I've packed as little as I possibly can (apart from the dolls of course!) as I can wash things at my mums!  No need to waste space on clothes for myself when that space can be better utilised with dolly things!!! 

I also have a toaster and 10 tins of roasted red peppers packed in the case for my mum!!!!  I was going to just say "Don't ask!" but I'll explain anyway.  My mum loves the peppers, she eats them like other people eat crisps or sweets....but apparently the ones she can get in Tesco are "just not the same"...... and the toaster?  Well it is a flat style toaster that my mum had her eye on, apparently they are not available in the we got one for her!!! 

Thank goodness that British Airways is very generous with their luggage allowance!!

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