Wednesday 14 September 2011

One of those 'nothing' sort of days.....

Today was one of those 'nothing' sort of days, you know, those days when you have plans to do things but nothing really gets done!  I had great intentions....I was going to sew some Blythe hats from a pattern that I made yesterday, but I never even got as far as turning the sewing machine on!  But here is the 'prototype' that I made isn't finished of course, but gives an idea of what I have in mind.....

It's very hard to think about making cold weather wear when the thermometre is showing 37C in the shade!!  But hey, maybe tomorrow I will get some sewing done!

Later I took photos of Ashleigh, my Dollstown Ganga on the DT7 body.  She has such  a sullen face but is so photogenic!  I sometimes think I should try something a bit more girly and 'frou frou' on her but to be honest, I always come back to this tomboy look....I just think it suits her so much!!  I made the dungarees especially for her and I really like how she looks in them!
Shirt by Iplehouse, red knitted hat by Maisiedoats.

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