Thursday, 1 December 2011

Poor neglected Bloggie!

The last week has been hectic what with one thing and another. I've been sewing frantically and as a result I realised that I'd forgotten all about my blog, so today I'm playing catch-up.

On the sewing front, I've made some outfits for the Iplehouse BID girls and that brought me another commission from a lovely lady in the US who wants me to make an outfit for her incomming girl!

I had put one of my Volks Yosd girls up for sale because I have 5 of them and really felt the need to downsize. So Papi went up for sale but unfortunately despite loads of enquiries and offers to trade, she didn't get adopted. So last night I decided to remove her default faceup and give her a new look. Today I spent hours working on her and am really happy with how she has turned out! I think she will be staying! After all, can a person really have too many Volks Yosds? LOL!

Anyway, here is a comparison photo, old faceup is on the left and new on the right. I know there's not a great deal of difference in these photos but in 'real life' I think she is just that little bit 'fresher' looking!

Apart from that, nothing much else to report on here. I'm still stalking the Iplehouse JID thread and the Iplehouse Waiting Room on DOA.....I hope that my new girl comes before Christmas but we shall see. What with their Christmas event, I'm not holding out a great deal of hope! But if she doesn't arrive along with Santa then at least I will have something to look forward too after the holidays!!

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