Tuesday 20 December 2011

Almost done.....

I can hardly believe that it has been more than a week since I last wrote on my blog!  Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself.....or should I say, doesn't time fly when you're cleaning the house, shopping for Christmas presents and running yourself ragged in the quest to get the perfect gifts for family and friends!!!  But thankfully I think I'm done....I just have a bit more tidying up and cleaning to do tomorrow and then that is it......I will 'chill' and if it's not done by Thursday evening, then it's not going to get done at all! :)

My mum and brother are flying over from the UK on Friday morning.  Friday is also my son Brendan's 25th birthday, but he is working all day so we'll not see much of him until the evening.  When I think of time flying I only have to realise that it is now a quarter of a century since he was that really IS time flying.  Where have all those years gone?  I honestly don't know but it really doesn't seem such a long time since he was a tiny little boy and now look at him!!!

Here he is with his lovely girlfriend of 5 years, Virginia....

On the dolly front, my JID Asa in real skin arrived yesterday from Iplehouse, and luckily flew through customs without getting caught for ransom.......which is a bonus in itself!!!  At first I wasn't sure about her, I loved the big busted body and the colour of the resin but was a bit worried that she was too different from my other dolls, she has a very serious face and although I like sad faces, serious faces are something else!  I also wondered if she looked a bit 'sneaky' as her eyes are very small and narrow, like she was squinting or something,  but having now changed her eyes to green glass ones (I intend getting brown eventually) and finding a wig that I feel suits her, I'm really warming to her now!  I think once she has some clothes of her own it will be better too, plus I feel she needs restringing as she is very loosely strung.  I read on DOA that this is normal for IP dolls as it helps to avoid them getting damaged in transit.  I will make time over Christmas to sort her out though.  Here are a couple of photos of her:

Well lets hope it's not another week before I write again........

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