Saturday 3 December 2011

Elin searches for Peter Rabbit...

Today I finished the outfit I was making for the Iplehouse BID girls and listed it on Etsy.....

I am really enjoying this girl, and this size of doll, she is lovely to sew for, although I do have to mostly produce all new patterns for her as she has a long torso and shorter legs than a lot of my other dolls of this size. Having said that, she's so cute that I don't mind!

Today it has been rather cold here, but bright and sunny. I'm wearing lots of layers as I cannot stand being even the tiniest big cold....I don't know how people survive in places where they are snowed under for months on end in the winter! Having said that, it does make for nice photos, doesn't it!

Apart from that, I really don't have anything much to blog about, so until next time....

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