Saturday, 10 December 2011

Playing Frankendolly!

I had the urge recently to play Frankendolly!  By 'Frankendolly' I mean having a go at hybriding a doll.  I've been into bjds (ball jointed dolls) for more than five years now and have always admired people who, when they spotted one they liked, would grab a head for sale on the Den of Angels marketplace and hang on to it until the right body came along.  Sometimes those 'floating heads' as they are referred to, can 'float' around for ages before a body that suits them can be found, but even so if they see another, they go on to buy that too.  But when it comes to 'floating heads' I've never been very good at having them...I suppose it is mainly because I'm too impatient to wait for a body, so want one straight away, or perhaps it is that I worry if I were to get a body from another company to that which made the head, it wouldn't look good.  I'm also one of those collectors who likes to have ALL of their dolls on display ALL of the time, and floating heads just look 'weird' to I've never really looked into it much.

My one experience of buying a body and head separately never worked out well, so it sort of put me off a bit.  Several years ago I wanted a Volks MSD (mini super Dollfie) but they were not within my budget at that time.  I decided to look out for a head and then if I found one, so I would look for a body.  I quite quickly came across a person in Asia selling a very pretty Volks Mika head.  Now Mika is a girl and the boy version is called Ken....and here it gets complicated!!!  The head for sale was a Mika but it had a custom faceup which was quite boyish and the seller told me that her doll, although a girl, had been 'living as' a boy in her house!  Well, I have to admit that to me 'he' looked remarkably like a 'she' to me, so I went ahead and bought him/her.  In the meantime I found a Volks MSD girl body and bought that.....see what I mean, I can't wait!  And once the two pieces were here, I put them together and 'he' became a 'she'.....but it never worked.  For me the doll was sort of 'bitty', even though both parts came from the same company, the doll never quite jelled for me so in the end I sold her. 

So it is with a bit of trepidation that I decided to try to make a hybrid Unoa.  I had a full Unoa Sist up until recently that I bought as a kit from Japan a few years back,  but sold her to buy someone else.  Of course the moment she was gone, so I missed her and wanted to get another!  However, when I bought her she was expensive enough and now they are even more so and I couldn't afford to, so decided hybriding was the route to take.

Today I bought the faceplate that I've been admiring on the marketplace for a couple of weeks.  She is a Unoa Sist, just a couple of months old with a lovely new faceup by a faceup artist on Flickr called 3rd_Strike.  Of course I couldn't leave it at that, what on earth would I do with a faceplate, pretty as it is!!!!  So I decided to search out a body for her.  For the last couple of days I've looked at all the companies I know of (and some that are new to me!) that sell bodies on their own, bodies that fit the idea I have in mind for Sist.  I finally decided on a lovely Diamond body from DollnDoll, and I ordered a head back from the French artist Amaeta!!  So hopefully my Frankendolly parts will arrive sometime over the next few weeks and I can put her together!!!

Here is a photo of the faceplate I'm getting.  The photo is obviously not mine and belongs to the faceup artist on Flickr, isn't she lovely!!!

Nothing else to report, except I think we're going to get rain tonight!

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