Wednesday 22 February 2012

Beautiful sunshiny day.....

Today it has been a beautiful spring like day and so although I felt really bunged up with a cold, we went into the garden for a while with the dogs....We sat in the sunshine whilst they played.  This was the first time that Choco has been in the garden because I've not felt comfortable with him going out there with the others...just in case a big bird swoops down and takes him, thinking he is a nice juicy snack or something! 

Anyway, I took quite a few photos of them all playing.....the usual 'action' shots with heads cut off and noses sniffing bottoms, the sort of thing that dogs seem to enjoy!  But a few came out ok (well I did say they were 'action shots' didn't I!) so here are some of them:

Suki teaches Choco to do the Okey Cokey....You put your left paw in....
 Lucy, Min Pin, keeps a watchful eye over them all...
 Yoda laughing!!!
 Ooooo, nothing like a good scratch to put a grin on your face!
 No more photos already!!!!
 Special Baby Kara! (actually they're all special really!)
 This is my best side!
 I can do 'sad' too, says Yoda!
 Hey!!  That's MY stick!

After a bit of doggy playtime, it was time for me to have the quickest of dolly play too!  So here are a few photos of my little Limhwa To You Sara in her new car!  You can see she is also a doggy lover as she has a spoiled pooch sitting up front there in her car!

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