Thursday, 16 February 2012

Playing catch up....AGAIN!

I can't believe how busy those two new little doggies keep me!  If I'm not clearing up after them, then I'm sorting out their bedding, playing with them or picking them up to cuddle them.....they are so incredibly squidgy!

Having said that, my three 'bigger' girls are just as cuddly and they need lots of their mums attention too, so sometimes, no make that 'often', I can be found on the sofa with not one or two, but all FOUR Chihuahuas inside my fleecy sweatshirt, with Lucy the Min Pin, tucked down the side of me between my thigh and the arm of the sofa.  I must say, they make lovely little hot water bottles!

This morning we went to the vet for jabs....Kara, Suki and little boy Choco all had to have their boosters.....Kara and Suki were fine but Choco cried a lot, poor baby.  I have to say that he is a bit of a 'man' though....everything seems to be a big deal for him compared to the girls!

Kara had her nails clipped too, which is such a challenge as she is soooo frightened of everything....she bit the soft fleshy part of the palm of my hand four times, but luckily didn't break the skin.  And I'd much rather she bit me than our lovely vet, Sylvia!!!  Poor little Kara, what could her life have been like in the first few months that she is so incredibly scared of so many things.  I really thought that after all this time with us, she'd have got used to things but no, she is more or less the same.  She still won't walk past us if we are standing anywhere, she has to wait until we have moved before she will do so.....and if we raise our hands up anywhere near her, she literally flinches, as if she is going to be is the saddest thing.

Doggies aside, hubby, me and the five dogs have just spent a week down at the coast where the weather was lovely, sunny and warm during the day but very chilly at night.  The beach looked so inviting but we were quite busy so I never got to take the photos that I intended taking, of my two Secretdoll Persons on the sand....perhaps next time. 

On the dolly front there have been some comings and goings.  I've sold a couple and bought a couple!  One of the purchases was a Bambicrony Ciao Bella Judy (2nd Edition) in tanned resin.  She arrived yesterday from Portugal and is very cute, but I've not had any time to take photos of her, although today I did get as far as dressing her, adjusting her eyes, hot glue sueding her and putting her wig on.  Perhaps tomorrow I will get to the photos.

Apart from that, nothing much else to write about, so I'll sign off with a, not very good, photo of 'snow' on the mountains which I took last week!

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