Tuesday 28 February 2012

Fifth time lucky perhaps?

I don't know what it is with Puki Fees but I just don't seem to bond with them, although I love them in other peoples photos, they just look so cute, they've never worked for me.  So what am I doing wrong?  I have now had 5 of them.....first of all I had Ante, she was a basic one with the little freckles across her nose.....very sweet.  She stayed a few months, but then I sold her, probably because I was bored with her and wanted someone else!!!
After Ante came Zoe.  She was really cute and I liked her too, but  again after several months she followed Ante out the door .
I continued to enjoy the tiny Lati Yellows but there was always something stopping me from having the same sort of fun with Puki Fees.  I have no idea what it is, they pose beautifully, they are incredibly cute, but they come here and then they go again.
However, not being satisfied with two PKFs having come and gone, I decided to get another Ante.  I really love looking at my friend Sue's Ante, so maybe it was just the first one wasn't right for me.  So I got another Puki Fee Ante from Denver Doll caught by customs and ended up with probably the most expensive basic Ante in Spain!!  But I didn't like her faceup!  It was soooo pale and barely there that I just couldn't warm to her.  I ended up removing the default one and giving her a new one myself, but I still wasn't satisfied so off she went to live with another person here in Spain, who would hopefully love her more than I did.

Did I learn my lesson, did I say "enough is enough" and move on?  Did I heck!  I went and ordered a Zoe, again from DDE but this time she came via my friend in the US who repackaged her and sent her as a 'gift', so luckily didn't get caught by customs......she left just a month or so ago to live in the UK.

Well that should have been the end of it really, shouldn't it?  Four Puki Fees came and went, obviously this type of doll is NOT for me.  Ahhhh, not so.  I saw this cutie for sale a couple of weeks ago on Den of Angels and despite her higher price tag, I decided to go for her!  Yes, I never learn!!!!  So yesterday my little Puki Fee Bonnie came to live in Spain from Hong Kong.  She has a gorgeous faceup by Andreja in Australia and is the sweetest little thing.  I'm really really hoping that she is the ONE for me and that she'll be staying!  I really really want to have a Puki Fee in my doll collection, so I'm hoping that this is The One!!!!

Please meet Kieran:

 And because today is El Dia de Andalucia, what better than a cute Puki Fee posing in front of our Andalucian wall tiles!


  1. she has an adorable face. hope this one stays with you. i'd love to see more of her

    1. Thank you so much, and I promise you will see more photos soon. She has a new dress just waiting to be she'll be sure to want her photo taken!!

  2. She's just the cutest littele one ever. Oh and Maddie (Sue's Ante) is very special. And of course the second Ante you got weren't Maddie.

    1. Thanks so much Lene! Isn't she cute! And I feeling good about this one, so hopefully she'll be here for a long time! And you're right, my Ante wasn't Maddie...and it was Maddie that I was in love with!!! So we'll blame Sue for having such a cute little dolly!!


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