Thursday 23 February 2012

Why am I so naughty?

I am naughty because I've just spent the last of my paypal money on another doll!  I've been really good in that up until now I have stuck to my rule that I will ONLY spend the money that I have in my paypal account, nothing sneaking anything from the bank account, JUST my paypal balance.  However, today I sneaked 35 euros out of the bank....and my husband is going to read this and know!!!!

It's not really the amount because hubby is generous to a fault but it is the principle....I have been sticking to my own 'rule' for ages now but today I went and broke it.....However, I do have an excuse, and I feel it is a very good one too!  Although whether other, non dolly people, will see it that way, is another thing!  A dolly friend of mine in the Netherlands put a 'feeler' out for one of her dolls.  Now for those who don't know what a 'feeler' is, basically it is when someone is thinking of selling a doll (or other item) but is not entirely they put out a 'feeler' to see if there is any interest.  Well when I saw M's doll on Flickr with the world 'feeler' underneath, I could hardly contain myself.  I sent her a message so quickly, it is a wonder the keypad on my laptop didn't catch fire!  Because you see this is a doll I've admired from the day she got her, back in September 2011!  She is a beautiful Peaks Woods Lotti-Ani with a custom faceup by Peaks Woods themselves and is super dollfie size.  I've never had a doll from Peaks Woods before but have been told by my dolly friends who have, that the quality is excellent and they are lovely dolls to own.  So I was delighted when M replied telling me her price, which was really reasonable I have to say, and that I was the first person to contact her and she'd let me know by the end of the week if her 'feeler' would turn into a 'for sale'.  And sure enough, she contacted me this morning and I just had to spend all my money on her!!!!  Except that I was just short the postage....hence the 'theft' from the bank account.  :(  Sorry Brian!!

Don't you just hate it when you break your own rules!!!

Here are a couple of photos of the doll in question, obviously not my photos (they were taken by M, Lotti's now previous owner).....isn't she just beautiful!

She is coming with this wig and these eyes:

Close up of her lovely Peaks Woods custom faceup, look at those beautiful freckles!

Oh and on a final note....I have a heavy cold which is making me feel miserable and a bit of retail therapy was just what I needed.......Good excuse?  No, I admit, a very poor one, but I'm sticking to it!


  1. She IS lovely.. I can see why you'd break your rule! :)

    1. Thank you soooo much! Only another dolly lover would understand!!! :)


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