Sunday 19 February 2012

A bit of dolly time during house training!

I think we've been spoiled by our three 'big' girls because each of them were house trained so quickly, using newspaper to do their 'busy' (as we call it)....Lucy, our Min Pin was always fussy and so it was not surprising to us that she was 'clean' within a couple of weeks of coming home to us.  Yoda, our second girl, was clean within a week, she just followed everything that Lucy did and we were amazed at this tiny Chihuahua using newspaper so well at just over 8 weeks old.  Kara came next and although we had a few accidents, she too followed her bigger 'sisters' and was quick to learn that the newspaper was where she was supposed to do her 'business'....However, the two new babies are a lot slower to grasp the significance of the newspaper!  Suki thinks it's there to pull all around the room or tear up into small pieces and scatter in the dog beds.  Whereas Choco thinks it's there to stand and look at as he relieves himself a foot or more from it!  :(

Thank goodness for tiled floors and the ever present mop and bucket!!

However, I do wonder if it is to do with the way things were at the breeders house.  Her garden door was always left open, all day and evening apparently, so all her dogs would have learned to just go outside to relieve themselves when necessary.  But I'm really not happy leaving the garden door open all day for several reasons.  Firstly it is pretty cold in our house already and I don't want to add to that by leaving the door open all day.  Secondly, in the autumn we had our door open for much of the day and evening and found that we'd been visited by field mice...who'd left me some  'presents' all over the place...YUCK!  And finally, I'm a little bit worried that if we leave our garden door open all day and the dogs are allowed to go in and out as they please, one of the tinies might get taken away by a hawk or other large bird, because Choco in particular is small enough to be mistaken for a nice meal by a big bird!!!! 

So for the moment I think I'll have to just keep plodding on with it and rewarding them as and when they get it right!!!!

And on the dolly front, I had a little bit of dolly time today when I left hubby in charge of the mop!  I took some photos of Bambicrony Judy with a different wig and think this one is perfect for her.  The TTYA dungarees are enormous on her but I pulled them down as much as I could and finally got the straps to actually sit on her shoulders.....they bunch up around the ankles as they are supposed to, and her Doc Marten boots help a lot to keep her from 'tripping up'!!  I think she looks incredibly sweet in these photos!

And I finally got the chance to try out the new eyes that arrived from Captured in Glass last week....I bought blue ones for Shae, my Unoa Sist hybrid and aqua green ones for Sasha, her full Unoa Sist sister.....I don't like the aqua ones on Sasha so she has already gone back to her previous aqua acrylics, but I'm leaving Shae with her blue ones for the time being to see if I can get used to them.  I think they make her look a bit too 'cool' whereas her brown acrylics made her face seem a little bit 'warmer'......

Sasha is wearing a restyled pale pink wig from used to have large spiral curls at the bottom but they soon became untidy and messy so I cut them off!  I do like this wig on her but it doesn't photograph so well as it looks in real life!

I do love these two girls though, and would love to make another hybrid one day.....perhaps with a Lusis or a Chibi faceplate......ah well, that is a project for another day!

Shae (Unoa Sist hybrid with DollnDoll Diamond body) on the left and her full Unoa Sist sister, Shasha on the right:


  1. They're all so beautiful! The short blonde wig is just adorable on her. Really, really lovely. I'm having a really hard time finding a nice short bob style in a size 3-4 so I know how pleased you must be to have found one you like :)

  2. Thank you for your nice comment....wigs and eyes are the bane of my life!!
    Have you tried Facets by Marcia? She has some bobs in the small sizes...and she is very nice to buy from. Or alternatively, do what I do and buy a long one and cut it into a bob yourself, then you can have it the length you want!


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