Tuesday 6 March 2012

Buen Viaje...

This morning we dropped my son Brendan and his girlfriend Virginia at Malaga airport as they were off to the UK to spend a week at my mums house!  They had a relatively early flight so we had to get up at some unearthly hour.....OK, unearthly for me :) .... and I wonder how I ever used to do this sort of thing on a daily basis when we lived in the UK!!!

Anyway, off they went all happy and looking forward to their week away!  I hope they have a lovely time ... but not too lovely that they don't want to return to Spain next week! 

On the dolly front, I took several more photos of my new big girl a couple of days ago as the weather has been absolutely beautiful, spring has certainly sprung I think!  So here are a few of those....she's wearing an outfit that I made some years ago for another doll and I think it really suits her pouty little face!  And in case I didn't mention it before, she is now going to be called Troy!

These are her current eyes, but I have ordered a pair of hazel ones of the same type (flat backed oval glass) in hazel as I think she'll look lovely with hazel eyes and her red hair.  I get these eyes from BJsbabes on Ebay, and can highly recommend this seller for good quality items, quick service and good communication.


  1. I like her name... and her eyes as well... and her dress too. And I totally envy 'your' Spanish Spring! ;-)

    1. Thanks Ona! I did think about the name you suggested, Wilson, but I kept thinking of an ex British Prime Minister, and it sort of put me off a bit!!!! Oh yes, we are having lovely weather here at the moment!

  2. Those eyes really are quite lovely! Hazel will look nice with her hair too, though! :)

    It certainly looks like lovely weather where you are... despite the mild winter we've had, we're not there yet!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them, I hope the hazel will look lovely too!


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