Thursday 1 March 2012

Dolly day.....

Yesterday was a great Dolly Parcel Day although in the end, despite the parcels, I wasn't able to have any time to play!

My lovely new girl arrived from the Netherlands and she really is adorable.  She is a Peaks Woods Lotti-Ani with custom faceup by the same company.....she has the sweetest pouty face and her faceup is very pretty.  I'm so glad that I decided to go for her as she fits in perfectly here with my other big girl, Vienna (Volks F01 Nana) and their smaller friend, Ashleigh (Dollstown Ganga on 7 yr old body).....

Also yesterday I got a lovely gift from my friend Sue in the UK.  Sue sent me a packet of fabric pens as she knew that I'd been looking, unsuccessfully, for some over here.  I haven't tried them out yet but have some plans for grafitti tee shirts at some point.

And my other packet was a very cute little dress that I bought from a seller on Etsy!  It got here very quickly from Thailand and will be perfect for my PukiFee Bonnie, I just haven't got around to trying it on her yet!!!

So this morning I managed to wig and dress my new Peaks Woods girl and take some photos in the garden.  I have changed her eyes from her default brown acylic to some green glass ones that I had here.  I would prefer brown glass but the ones I have are a bit small, she takes size 16mm eyes and most of mine are smaller.  I do like the green so we shall see how we get on with them for now.

Apart from that, nothing much else to report!  So here are a few photos of my new girl who as yet, is nameless.  Every time I look at her she reminds me of an actress in the (excellent) tv series Luther.  The only thing is, the character this girl plays has murdered her parents, their dog and a couple of other people I really want my lovely girl to be named after her!!!!  Maybe I will go and google the name of the actual actress and see what her real name is!!!

Ok, just found out her real name is Ruth Wilson, and she's been in lots of other roles including Jane Ayre in the tv miniseries of the same name.....Well I don't like the name Ruth all that much, and Jane is fine but not for me.....her murderess role in Luther was called Alice.....perhaps I'll have to give it some more thought!!!!


  1. She's beautiful! I'd call her Wilson. A special name for a special young lady.


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