Friday, 9 March 2012

A little stuck up....

Today was another beautiful day, bright sunshine and gorgeous blue favourite kind of days!  Anyway, I was in the bathroom doing something or other at the basin when hubby comes in.....covered in "No More Nails", that horrible smelly gluey stuff in a sort of aerosol can.  He had it all over his hands, down the front of his sweatshirt and all over some drill bits!!!  He was actually supposed to be putting it on a drawer that has come apart, but seems he ended up with most of it on himself! 

So after we'd got that lot off him, I helped him to put the drawer together and whilst smoothing the gooey white paste into the grooves on the drawer, I had an idea for a photo!  The little Secretdoll Persons have a reputation for being naughty and getting up to all sorts of scrapes, and of course my mind strayed to them.....I could just see them having some fun with some "No More Nails"...and here is the result:

Of course there's not really any glue sticking poor Percy to the wall, it is actually achieved with double sided tape....but I have to admit that this photo does make me laugh!!!!  And you can see in the photo that the 'No More Nails' or 'No Mas Calvos' as it's known in Spanish, is still ooozing out of the top of the can.....we ended up having to throw it away, it just kept on coming!!!

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