Sunday, 11 March 2012

Makeovers all round....

Today was a day of makeovers!  Well not quite but sort of.  First of all we decided that Suki really needed a bath.  I don't know what it is about long haired dogs but they seem to smell differently than smooth coated dogs....well they do in this house anyway!  And Suki, being long haired, didn't smell too pleasant.  So she had a bath!  Or more precisely, she had a wash in the bathroom washbasin and afterwards a shower in the....shower!!!  She was not amused with the shower, didn't like it one bit although I tried very hard not to get the water in her eyes and ears, inevitably some did, and she was not a happy Chihuahua!  After we gave her a good rub with the towel, I used the hairdryer on a low setting to try getting her completely dry....she didn't have a great opinion of that either, to be honest!  And the poor girl looked like a great big fluff ball when I'd finished with her!!!! 

Afterwards she shook and shook like a leaf in a hurricane, I think she was traumatised, poor baby.  And then after that she threw up everywhere, so I got my just reward!!!  But she's fine now, and loves me again.....thank goodness!!!

We also cut the puppies nails because they grow so nice short neat nails too today!

This afternoon I had some dolly time and I gave my Lati Yellow Pirate Lea a new faceup.  I'd been thinking of selling her and even got as far as accepting an offer from a friend of mine, however, when the friend changed her mind, I decided to give the doll a new faceup instead.  So instead of the dark Pirate faceup, she now has a softer look with very 'worried' looking eyebrows!!!  Here are a few photos, including a 'before & after' one.....

I know she's not perfect because I'm no faceup artist, but I'm really pleased with the new suits my tastes much better than the default.

Apart from that, nothing much else to report!  Except to say that the weather continues to be really beautiful and'll soon be summer!!!! 


  1. I love the new faceup! She looks much sweeter without the "angry" eyebrows! :)

    1. Thanks so much, I'm pleased with her new look. I did used to hide those angry eyebrows but now she can come out from under her fringe!!


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