Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dolly parcels & Cadbury's Cream Eggs!

This has been a week of dolly parcels!  Not big parcels or expensive parcels, but nice little things like dolly eyes and clothes!  Earlier in the week I got the hazel eyes I'd ordered for my Peaks Woods girl and I'm really happy with how she looks now that they are in.  I took lots of photos of her (which I'm sure will bore some people to tears!) because she is such a beautiful doll, so a few can be seen here:

I also received a couple of very cute dresses in Lati Yellow/Puki Fee size, from two different sellers from Thailand.  I bought the dresses a couple of weeks ago on Etsy and both are so pretty.  There are some great seamstresses in Thailand and they seem to have some very sweet ideas on outfits to make for dolls.  My little girls are delighted with the outfits but I've not yet got around to taking their photos wearing them.  I hope to get that done later this week.

Then today my order from Clear Lan arrived!  I am delighted with the items I ordered....they are nicely made and the price is really good.  The 6 items are for my Limhwa To You Sara, who's name is Gem, but I've not yet tried them on her as I bought some of the items to go with other items that I've not yet made for her!!!!  So something else for me to get sorted out this week, hopefully!

Yesterday Brendan and Virginia came back from their holiday in England and we collected them from the airport.  My mum had sent over lots of nice goodies including Irish pork sausages, beef and onion pies and 5 blouses/tops for me!!!!  Brendan had bought me a big bar of Cadbury's milk chocolate and one dozen, yes a DOZEN Cadbury's Cream Eggs!!!  I'm such a chocoholic and he knows me soooo well!!!  Anyway, they'd had a lovely time and done everything they'd wanted to do in London.  Virginia was very keen to show off her new engagement ring and it did look pretty on her as she has lovely slim fingers (obviously she doesn't eat the Cream Eggs!).  And bless her, it made me laugh later (in a good way!) when I got a notification from Facebook that she'd changed her relationship with me from 'friend' to 'mother in law'.....I guess being Spanish she may not know all the mother in law jokes out there and was keen to tell the world her news!!!  Brendan says it will probably be a good 'couple of years' before they get married.  That's a relief me time to eat all the chocolate and THEN start the diet!!!!

Brendan and Virginia, Hyde Park, London, UK - March 2012

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