Monday, 12 November 2012

A good dolly day!

Today was a great dolly day for me in lots of ways.  My latest sewing project, which is for my friend Lene in Denmark, went well and I got a full outfit made for her, which I hope she will be happy with.

The postman brought me a package from Singapore which was my order of little Blythe items from Miss Blythe on Etsy.  I bought two pairs of very cute leggings, some cable knit leg warmers and a pair of sweet little boots.  I haven't tried them on my girls yet because I'm waiting on the loveliest dress from my friend May (Maisiedoats) in Australia....I'll show the whole outfit together rather than separately!!

I also spent a fair bit of money too because I finally found the Sasha girl that I wanted, a lovely blond cutie from 1971.  I saw her last week for sale on the Sasha Dolls UK website but couldn't get hold of Shelly the site owner until last night.  So I have a really sweet girl coming to live here......but that wasn't the end of it.  I just happened to be looking on Ebay at Sasha listings when a very cute Gregor was listed with a Buy it Now price.  I'm afraid I just couldn't resist so after quickly checking his authenticity and my paypal account (I can only spend what I have in my paypal account), I went and pressed that BIN button.....He is a cute blond boy from 1969 and is in very good condition.  So I'm very happy.

Here are the sellers photos of each of the dolls:

Sasha, possible names: Keiran, Maxine, Millie, Maisie?

Gregor, possible names: Elliot, Georgie, Jonsie, Patrick, Devon perhaps?

I'm sure they'll tell me their names when they settle in!!

Both dolls are travelling from different homes in the UK, so hopefully it won't be that long until they get here.  I have a whole lot of sewing patterns that I can use for clothes for them, I really am looking forward to sewing for them.  My mum is going to do some knitted cardigans or jumpers for them too, so they'll not be short of clothes, that's for sure!!!

It's funny but I feel really excited that after all these years, I'm finally getting not one, but TWO Sasha dolls....and how funny that they are almost as old as I am!!!!  Though I think they look cuter and I'm sure they're wearing better than I am!!!!!


  1. How wonderful that you have not one, but TWO Sasha dolls coming to live with you, both a Sasha and a Gregor. You will indeed love them, if you don't have any already. Be careful though, they are VERY addictive (as my blog woes will a testify to!)

    I like the names Millie, and Maisie, they are both sweet. You can't go wrong getting a Sasha from Shelly. The boy is very handsome as well.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, these are my first Sasha dolls and I have to admit that having found your Henry, he has to take a little bit of the responsibility for my getting a Gregor. Until I found your blog just last week, I was really only interested in getting a girl!!! Or two, perhaps! Now I think I'll probably end up getting another boy and girl at some point, probably both dark haired. I'm afraid I'm dolly addicted!!
      I'm sorry that you had to sell off some of your dolls though...I read a bit further back and can relate to this as I too kept buying and got myself in a bit of a muddle. Now I only spend what I have in my paypal account, so I'm doing ok. Good luck with your quest to sort it all out.
      And have a wonderful time with Henry in Paris!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful Sasha Doll future.

    Two dolls arriving almost together will be a most memorable event, one that I'm sure you'll never forget. From then onwards they'll be forever there foremost in your mind as you make their clothing and keep your eyes firmly peeled for shoes, toys and accessories. They can never have too much of anything as you will discover... but in return they will brighten up your life and make you some fantastic new friends from all over the world.

    Personally I think that Sasha suits the name of Millie and I like that unusual name of Devon for the Gregor BUT I'm sure that they themselves, once they have arrived, will put you right.

    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment Kendal, I have heard a lot about you from Jackie here in Spain! I am very excited to be getting these two and can hardly wait for them to arrive! Both were sent on Tuesday so hopefully it won't be too long before they arrive.
      I too like the name Millie, but unfortunately I just finished a book about the young girl Millie Dowler and I wonder if I'd feel sad with that name now? Maybe it's a fitting tribute though.....I'll give it some more thought. I also like Devon, I thought it was very unsual too....I will see how he likes the sound of it when he arrives!
      Hugs Sharon x


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