Saturday, 3 November 2012

My latest cutom Blythe....

When I was young my mum always told me that it wasn't 'nice' to show off, or 'blow your own trumpet'....advice that must have become really ingrained into my psyche.  Because over the years I've secretly been very happy with things that I've done but it just "wasn't nice" to show off about it, or say how pleased I am with how something turned out.  However....and here's where my voice goes a bit quiet and embarrassed....."I'm really really happy with my latest Blythe custom, I think she is my best work yet!".... Oh boy, that was hard to say so publicly, even if I did say it in just a smallish whisper.  I hope no-one will think I'm a terrible show-off!!!  Anyway, now that I've said it, I will explain why.   She just seemed to come together and turn out well.  I have been quite pleased with how my previous girls came out but with every one of them there has been something that I'm not quite satisfied with.  Maybe their lips didn't turn out as 'plump' as I'd have liked, or maybe their eyes are not looking upwards enough and I can't fathom how to make them any higher, but this girl just seemed to develop on her own and I'm really really pleased with her.  I know they say practice makes perfect and OK I'm sure she's not perfect, but for me she is the result of a lot of practice (and hard work!!!).  I've now done several customs and I certainly hope that people who are interested will see that they are improving!  So perhaps I should change the expression to "practice certainly makes better....." ....there, now that sounds so much better and what on earth would my mum think if she heard me 'blowing my own trumpet'!!!!


  1. I think she is very beautiful and I'm impressed. I think it's totally okay to be happy with something you made and to tell other people about that feeling. I like honesty and I think it's only wrong to 'blow your own trumpet'if it's at the expence of other people. So keep on blowing Sharon!

  2. Really your work is so very beautiful and brings so much Joy - this is really what you are communicating, and your mum would be truly proud of you!


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