Sunday 18 November 2012 Blythe Ebony

I made a dioama thingy the other night, it's not very good but I thought it might be useful for taking some photos when the weather's not too good outside, or even use it outside too, so that the background isn't always the white stone wall.  I used an oval shaped box that was just about to be put in the rubbish's from a coffee machine that we bought.  So I just added some 1/6th scale brick patterned paper that I got from a printable minis website, and then some cobbled paper for the floor.  I'm going to look for some posters to add to the wall to break up the boredom!!!

Bobbie is modelling her new leggings and cable knitted legwarmers that we received recently from a seller on Etsy, she teamed them with her lovely cream knitted dress from Maisiedoats, our friend May in Australia, and little brown leatherette boots, and her satchel made by me!  And off she goes..........

In other news, I think my Sasha boy, Gregor, might be here tomorrow or Tuesday as since Friday he is shown as being 'in transit' , on the Spanish postal website, and usually that means that a parcel isn't too far from delivery!  I will keep looking tomorrow morning in the hope that the tracking will change to 'in the delivery system' , then I know that he'll arrive later in the day!!!!

I've been sewing for both Sasha and Gregor, Sasha has a couple of new dresses and Gregor has a long sleeved tee shirt but I'm not sure it will fit him properly.....we shall see when he arrives.


  1. The background is lovely.... It looks like she's in a courtyard outside! :)

  2. I like both the background and her outfit. And I'm looking forward to meeting Gregor.


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