Sunday 25 November 2012

A real mixed bunch.....

Yesterday I took quite a few photos in the garden so thought I'd put some on here.....some are dogs, some dolls and some plants....just random shots really, that I thought I'd share.....

Millie and Devon taking a stroll in the garden.  Millie is wearing one of the dresses that I made in anticipation of her arrival.  The sleeves are far too long so I need to get around to shortening those soon.  She is wearing matching knickers, but they can't be seen in the photos.  I made  'tap' pants from the same fabric and added some pretty cotton lace to the edges of the legs.  Devon is wearing a pair of cords that I quickly made for him a couple of days ago.  He needed something else other than shorts as his legs were getting cold!  ;)
Please excuse Devon's awful jumper....I really should stick with sewing!

We have a real 'glut' of lemons again this year, and I've not even used up all the lemon juice that I squeezed from the excess lemons we had in the summer......!  I think the fruits are getting bigger too!

This is the orange tree, although it wasn't until we'd been here a few years that we started to get lemons on it has obviously had a lemon tree grafted on to it at some point....these oranges won't be ready until about Christmas....they are still quite hard and unripe.

Sadly, the Mandarin tree is flowering now!  So we doubt that we'll get any fruit from it this year, as it is totally the wrong time to be flowering.  The smell is wonderful though, I wish I could share that as well as the photo.  It's such a shame that there won't be any fruit as when we have had some, they have been absolutely delicious....definitely the best I've ever tasted!

This little bee is happy with the flowers, obviously!

This cactus just gets bigger and bigger!  It reminds me of a coral reef with all those curves.

A bunch of tiny peachy/red flowers on one of the can see it's little fuzzy petals and leaves here:

I took some photos of the dogs too, but will make that a separate post.......


  1. Some wonderful photos here. Wish I had a lemon tree...could have done with it these last few days! Love succulents, and yours look especially good indeed. Millie and Devon look great together and I think Devon's jumper/sweater is just fine ;-) We are always more critical of our own work I think. As for your gorgeous dogs, I am hoping to get a Chi one day...

    1. Thanks so much for your nice comment! It is really great having the lemons and oranges just growing there in the garden, it took us a long time before we just picked them off....such a novelty! Even now we tend to use those that fall off rather than pick new ones off!
      Thank you also on M & D, but if you saw that jumper up close you'd realise what I mean. Can you imagine that I was actually knitting it for a 27cm tall doll!!! That just shows you my knitting 'skills'!! LOL!
      Aww Chi's are wonderful little dogs, small dogs who think they are big...but they are so cuddly and affectionate, but they're worse than dolls, you wouldn't want to stick with just the one!
      Hugs Sharon x


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