Monday 17 December 2012

Such naughty girls!

Because today it has been pouring with rain and I've not been able to take any photos, I thought I'd share a few older photos of two of my favourite girls!  The girls in question are my Secretdoll Persons, numbers 8 and 21, who came to live here in the summer of 2011.  First came number 21, who told me in no uncertain terms that her name was Persephone, but that I could call her Percy.  And what a little madam she was!  She knew nothing about good behaviour and definitely nothing about sharing!!! 

"Sharing? What's 'sharing'?"
  (Percy's reaction when I told her she had to share the tricycle!)

However, things really hotted up a few weeks later when Kobi came to join us.  Kobi, a Person No.8, had been ordered by a friend of mine in the Netherlands, however, she knew before the doll arrived that she would sell and so gave me first could I refuse this little Person a place here with her friend Percy, so along came Kobi!  

Suddenly it was double the trouble!  If I thought Percy was naughty, nothing had prepared me for Kobi!  She has come up with so many 'hair brained' schemes that poor Percy can hardly keep up with her!  And the results of their escapades have turned out to be some of my favourite photos of the pair of them.   My friends on Flickr will have already seen these photos, but I hope that seeing them again will bring a smile to your faces!!

Playing at hairdressers!  
I love this photo, especially Percy's reflection in the mirror in her hand! 

No More Nails....Works just like it says on the tube!!
Luckily no-one was hurt whilst taking this 'sticky' photo!

New shoes!

 And finally, a photo of the girls on their visit to the UK where they almost wrecked havoc at Blythe Con in London, in October 2011......!  They're actually behaving quite well in this photo!  But notice, they nabbed all the souvenirs from the show too!

I really love these two girls, they are such funny little things and my goodness do they keep me amused with all their antics! ;) 


  1. LOL They are adorable, and I can see their antics would keep a person very busy!! LOL

    1. Oh boy yes, they certainly do keep me on my toes! LOL

  2. Aw, love your girls!! So nice to see these pics here again :)

    Merry christmas, Nicola aka P├╝ppilottchen

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Nicola, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos again!

  3. I have never come across these dolls before! They are seriously cute! Can't start another doll craze at my time of life, ha ha! Sashamania has to be enough for me. But lovely to see these on your blog!!! xxx Karin

    1. Thanks Karin! Noooo, you do not want to go there because they are every bit as addictive as the Sashas, but I hope you'll enjoy future photos of them on here instead!
      Hugs Sharon xx


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