Sunday 21 April 2013

A question for my Sasha friends....

I'm posting this here in my blog in the hope that my Sasha friends will be able to give me their opinions.

I was wondering what you all think of the later Gotz Sasha girls with the lighter skin and whether any of you have one (or more in your collection)......if so, would you be able to share photos please?

I have been admiring them purely because they are lighter and yet seem to retain the sweet Sasha look.  But I also really like the older girls too!  Decisions, decisions!

The truth is I'm hankering after an older (up to about mid 70s) brunette Sasha but I really don't want to risk getting one with falling hair.  And so I was just looking at a more recent girl, purely out of curiousity.

Of course I flit about in what I like and dislike when it comes to dolls, so maybe by the time anyone reads this, I'll have started looking at a different girl!  But I do always keep going back to the brunettes!!


  1. I did have some and thought they were lovely, but unfortunately due to some serious overspending I then had to sell quite a lot of my don't have any now. There are probably some photos on my blog - trying putting Gotz in the search box...

    1. Thanks very much Lorraine, I will go and take a look on your blog.

  2. I did at one time actually have ALL the later 1990s Gotz Dolls and most of the babies, (though not the toddlers whom I was not so keen on, on account IMO of their too short curved arms for their body proportions) these included the 'modern' pale skinned girls (there was only one pale skinned kid boy, Michael, in the scout's uniform who was very rare as only a very few were made.)
    Unfortunately these of mine were eventually all sold on to help pay for the various Frido NPs that I wanted.
    I can send you on some photos when I have a spare minute or two if you'd like to send my your email address.

    If you are wanting a 'pale skinned' Sasha then I thought Gotz brunette Stella was the prettiest and blonde Wibke with her blue eyes were the best two. Pay particular attention to their fringes as they can have a tendancy to stick up plus their eye paintings leave a lot to be desired but you can go down the route of having them customised.

    I had for years a gorgeous pale skinned Stella with her eyes customised by Kelly Wenarsky who also gave her some delightful little freckles. I was really sad to part with her as I was with a very pretty dark skinned brunette haired Louisa who's newly adopted mother had Shelly enhance her eyes.
    My favourites in the blonde haired dolls were Maria, Wibke, Alberto, David and Anna.

    Personally I'm not at all keen on the Trendon later larger 80s dolls with their masses of hair but have to admit that their brunette hair doesn't usually fall....although my Dancing Girl's fringe did.

    1. Thank you so much for your opinion Kendal, I knew you girls would come through for me! I still find that there is so much to learn about Sasha but at least I'm starting to realise and see the differences now!
      I think that there are some pretty later Gotz girls but I have to say that the more I look so the more I'm inclined towards the older English maybe I'm going to have to take a chance on falling hair and if it happens I am lucky that Jackie R isn't too far away and can maybe reroot for me!! I really do prefer the eyes on older girls as they tend to be more expressive too!
      Also I like that the older ones have a story to tell....I love the thought that a little child somewhere loved the doll .... And now it's my turn to love her!!!
      I will keep looking then!
      Thanks again Kendal, I would still love to see your photos, so here is my email address....
      But there is no rush, just when you get a moment!!
      Big hugs Sharon x

  3. Following on from what Kendal said, I too had all the later Gotz production including the toddlers as I rushed to buy them up when the Gotz factory was closing down. I got soon bored of them though and sold them all. I found the problems with the GOTZ dolls were chest caving, badly aligned 'lifeless' EYES and Gotz are a bit mean with the hair rooting and some Sashas can have thin patches :) Stella is a very pretty 'modern' girl as is Wibke but beware when buying as the clogs they wore (albeit terribly cute) did transfer colour on to their feet!! I had a limited ed Yamka for a couple of years and she started to shed. On a positive note less Gotz 2nd production dolls were made so they are sure to hold their prices in the future. I don't worry about values I buy what I like :0
    I think if you want a brunette it is the risk you have to take. I check mine and if they start to shed they are out, many I find start off fine and then as time wears on the hair starts to break/fall. Personally, I like the early Frido dolls but that is just me, we are all different thank God or we would all want the same dolls!!

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to give me your opinion too Ronny! I appreciate it.
    I am like you and a doll leeping it's value isn't my number one priority, it's nice if they do but if they don't, well I'll not loose any sleep over it. After all, I'm used to it in the BJD world!!!
    The doll had to really appeal to me though and that's been an issue with some if the Gotz more modern girls. I have to make sure that I live their faces rather than that they just have 'non falling brunette hair'! I have been very tempted in the past to just jump in a doll, because it has one thing that appeals rather than seeing the 'full package' as they say. And then I'm annoyed with myself for not thinking it through. I have become fixated on hair being 'non falling' but maybe it wouldn't be a massive problem if the doll herself appealed to me but her hair was falling. As I said in my reply to Kendal, I could always get her rerooted by Jackie or even attempt it myself....after all, I have done other dolls reroots! I would probably enjoy the challenge!
    So thanks again for your, if you see a gorgeous brunette from before the mid 70s, give me a shout, eould you?! ;D
    Big hugs Sharon xx
    Ps if there are any glaring spelling or punctuation mistakes here, blame the tiny keyboard on my iPhone!!!

  5. Hi Sharon, I have 3 of the light skin Sashas and I just love them. I love the other Sashas also, although I am in the minority as I am not too fond of the early Sashas, no nose, yellow eyes and such. There's enough variation in Sashas for every tast.
    I hope you find the brunette that fits you wishes. Here is one of my websites that have Sashas on it besides other dolls.
    Being in the US I have purchased from Suzanna's website and also Nancy...can't remember what her site is called...something play things. Mosts of my Sashas and other dolls have been purchased through eBay. I personally have not had any problems but know some who have. I think it is now more difficult for sellers on eBay.

    Winnie in California

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Winnie, I will go and have a look at your photos....I love looking at other peoples photos!!
      I have mixed views of the older Sashas, such as those you mention. I do like to see other peoples ones but am not sure that they are for me. I really like the wider faced girls though. I had a matt faced blond Gregor from 1969 but sold him recently because I couldn't 'bond' with him, I wondered if it was the matt vinyl? I think I prefer the less matt look. But as you say, there really is enough variation in Sashas so that we all have our likes and dislikes!
      I will keep looking for my brunette, Shelly's website is very good as she gives so much detail. I bought two dolls from Ebay from the same seller and both were just as advertised, but yes, have heard of others who've had problems.
      Hugs Sharon x


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