Thursday 4 April 2013

Photos of previous dolly sewing commissions.....

I had some very sad news today from the son of a dear dolly friend of mine.  I knew she was very ill but today her son emailed me to let me know that her doctor says she has just days left to I've not really felt like taking any photos today....I'm just sort of waiting to hear from him again, because I'm sure it won't be good news.

So please forgive me for posting old photos, but they are in response to a comment my sweet friend Ronny wrote on my last blog post.  I thought I would share some photos of some previous dolly sewing commissions that I've done over the last few years.  Some of my blog followers who I've met through my Sasha dolls, are not very familiar with BJDs, (ball jointed dolls) so might not know the sizes of a particular doll if I only name it, so those of you who are familiar with bjds, please bear with me when I add sizes etc.

A lot of my commissions are based on the ideas of the person commissioning me.  Some people will give me a free reign to make what I want but others like to be more specific and send very detailed drawings or photos of human sized outfits that they'd like me to make.  I used to sew using just measurements but it became too stressful working that way and now I prefer to just sew for dolls that I already own.

This lady sent me a photo of a straight jacket that she wanted me to copy and make for her 11cm doll.  This was a real challenge, but I was very pleased with the end result, and luckily so was she!

This was the photo the customer sent me:

These are photos of the finished result, being modelled by 11cm tall Orient Doll So Ji:


The same customer wanted some old fashioned suits for her 27cm boy dolls.  Below is Fiona, my Fairyland Little Fee, modelling them for me.  I made one black and one brown suit.....based on the photo she sent, also below:

Because I didn't have access to black and brown velvet, I used fabric with a high wool content instead.  

Another customer sent me a drawing of a little 'vampire' outfit she wanted made for her 16cm doll.  Because I didn't have the same doll, I used my own 16cm Lati Yellow Miel as the model:

Customers drawing:

Finished outfit: (the wings are made of soft craft foam sheeting!)

A lot of customers want what has become my 'speciality' over the years!!  Jeans!  Here are some pairs of 'aged' jeans for the 16cm Lati Yellow dolls.  Each pair has working back pockets, 'aging', little metal rivets, ribbon tag on the back pocket as well as leather patch on back waistband.  They are all completely topstitched with front fly, fake front pockets, back yoke in most cases and side stitching, just like real human jeans!  Most also have back darts at the waistband to make them the perfect fit.

Then we have the VERY tiny jeans, made for both the Fairyland Puki Pukis and Lati White Specials, who are both approx 12cm tall.  These have exactly the same details as the jeans for the 16cm dolls have....which is a real challenge in this smaller size!

And here are a few things that I made for people, not demin, but I thought they were quite cute....

Little boy outfits for 16cm boys:

Sleep suit with feet and beanie hat for 11cm dolls:

This lady wanted 'safari' outfits for her 16cm and 12cm Lati dolls.  I cut up a new linen table napkin from Ikea for these!!!  (they were a nightmare to iron though!)

The same lady asked me to make a Peter Pan outfit for her tiny Elfdoll Tiny Monnaemi Sister.  These dolls are 14cm tall but are sooooo skinny!  I made the whole outfit including the boots, which although not great went quite well with the outfit.  I used one of my parrots feathers for her cap!!

And a few for the very tiny Puki Pukis and some for the Pocket Fairy who is a chubby 13cm.

 A small Superman outfit for a 11cm Orient Doll So Ji for a lady in the US!

Gingham outfit for Pocket Fairy:

And finally, here is a photo of a 12cm Lati White Special Belle sitting on top of a regular sized cotton reel, for size reference!

So these are just some outfits that I've made for the small dolls....I will show some bigger doll outfits another time!

Well this turned into a bit of a photo fest, but I hope you enjoyed joining me on my little trip down Commissions Memory Lane!!!!


  1. These are all really amazing Sharon, and I am in awe of your 'littlie' sewing! My little Xanthe wants to know WHEN I'm going to start making her some clothes like these?! I've informed her it is not very likely.

    1. Thanks so much Lorraine, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos....sorry that I've encouraged Xanthe to hassle you though!!

    2. I meant to add that I find it much more fun sewing for the tinier dolls that the bigger ones, even though it usually leaves me with sore finger tips because it's all the more fiddly!!!

  2. Sorry about your friend, for her sake I hope her going is as pain free as possible. And your trip down memory lane was really interesting, thank you for sharing the photos. The jeans are brilliant, love the detail. I haven't tried making jeans yet, but have made a denim jacket for the 19.5" Gotz dolls (for Bavarian Peter) based on a Joan Hinds pattern. It hasn't yet inspired me to make matching jeans, but I hope to do this someday soon.

    1. Thanks so much DollMum, I really hope so too. Her son said that her doctors are keeping her medicated until the end for that very reason and yesterday she was just semi-conscious. I will miss her terribly because we've emailed on a daily basis for years now and she's such a lovely person.
      I'm glad you enjoyed the photos though. I must admit that seeing some of the photos was fun because it's ages since I looked at them. I make quite a few denim jackets too, mainly for the 43cm BJDs, but I have made a couple for the very tiny 11cm dolls. It's just nice to 'create', isn't it!

  3. Oh Sharon! I am so sorry to hear about your friend and understand how you must be feeling. You pray their pain will cease but you don't want to lose them from your life.
    Your sewing is truly a gift and one I would love to have. Sasha needs you girl! And I need to to make a bigger version of the strait jacket for Dee (Sasha village) :)
    Thinking of you Honey xx

    1. Thanks so much Ronny, and you've hit the nail on the head I knew you would. I have never physically 'met' this friend, she lives in Australia, but we've been friends for a long time now and I feel I know her very well....I will miss her as much as someone I might have met every day, if you know what I mean.
      I'm so glad you like my sewing, I do enjoy doing it. And to think that I wasn't a bit interested in anything like this up until about 6 years ago!! The thought of sewing ANYTHING hadn't even entered my head since when I was at school and made an apron from a tea towel and a skirt that fell apart on first wear!!!! Now I'm always doing something or other! I just wish that I had the urge to sew for myself but I can't think of anything more boring than sewing BIG things! Give me small and fiddly any time!!
      Big hugs xxx
      PS Not sure that Dee would feel over enamoured with that gift suggestion!!!!

    2. I love your sewing! And do hope that you will make something radical for Sasha later this year.....and don't forget to try and make Dee a nice cosy jacket ;)
      Sending you a 'virtual' hug xx

    3. Ronnie, you are priceless!!! xxx karin

    4. LOL Ronny shall I line it in fur?
      Big hugs back at you!
      Sharon xx

  4. My thoughts are with you at this sad time. I had fun seeing pictures of some of your older creations. Your attention to the tiny details is fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much Julie. I'm really glad you liked the photos too. I enjoyed sharing them and looking at them made me laugh to see some of my first attempts at tiny jeans too, although I didn't share those photos, LOL!!!

  5. Crikey, Sharon!!! Such talent! Wonderful outfits and such cute dolls! It must be so difficult to fashion such tiny outfits and they are so imaginative. I salute you!
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I am a bit late looking at your blog, but I hope that you may have had better news in the meantime, although it doesn't seem likely. It is so hard to lose people on cares about. They leave a permanent hole, whatever people might say about time being a great healer. Thinking of you. Love Karin xxx

    1. Thanks so much Karin, on all counts! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, it's so lovely to read them all....I'm glad you liked the photos, it was fun going through all the old photos again and seeing things that I'd forgotten I'd made (Old age!!!).
      Thanks so much on my friend May too Karin. Sadly she passed away this morning, but to be honest it was probably a blessing as she was suffering badly the last time she was able to email. I am assured by her son that she went peacefully though, which really is all that we can ask for, isn't it?
      Big hugs Sharon xx


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