Saturday 6 April 2013

Olive visits Nerja...

Yesterday my husband suggested having our lunch in Nerja which is situated about half hour east by car from our place here in Benajarafe.  There is a restaurant there that do lovely fish and chips on a off we went.

The weather was a bit 'mixed' as we left but I decided to still take Olive and my camera with me....just in case of any photo opportunities!

After our lovely lunch, we went for a walk down to the beach next to the Balcon de Europa, which was completely empty, which is surprising as the weather had really warmed up by then.  I managed to take a few photos of Olive enjoying some spring sunshine.  I would have taken more but a few people started to wander our way and I still feel a bit silly, a grown woman, walking along with my doll!!

This is a tiny fisherman's cottage which is built into the cliff, right on the beach.  I think it looks so cute and have always wanted to look inside....however, I expect it wouldn't live up to my expectations,  I'm sure it'd be very dark and damp bearing in mind where it is located!!!
I guess it's better to imagine what it's like!

Olive also liked the little house and thought the step in front of the bright blue door, was the perfect place to catch a few rays!

And just in case you can't see her in the above she is!!!!

The little house has cute painted rock flowerbeds, just the right height for Olive! 

Just like her mum, Olive loves the beach and the smell of the sea......

By the time I took these photos, Olive didn't really need her cardigan....
(cardigan by Pepita Caputo of daffodilscreations on Etsy)

By now Olive was starting to get a bit tired, it's a lot of steps down to the beach when you're that small, so she took a little rest on a rock by the edge of the shore...(dress by me, stockings from Cool Cat)

After her little rest she had a look at some old wooden fishing boats on the beach...she wasn't sure that she'd go to sea in them though....they looked a bit 'holey'!!!!!

And finally some Margaritas growing wild in the car park....
I've not heard anything more from my friend's son, so these flowers are for May, bless her heart.


  1. Hi There
    i just have to say... I LOVE OLIVE
    shes great!!!

    1. Awww thanks so much Tinkerbell, I'm really glad to hear that you enjoy her!

  2. Ditto! Olive is soooo sweet!
    Fab photos of this fab little girl!

    1. Awww thanks so much Ronny, I really love this little girl and so her photos come out better I think! LOL :)

  3. I would love to join Olive (who is as cute as h... by the way) in that magical place! Oh to be in Spain now that Spring is struggling to arrive in England! Wonderful photographs. xxx Karin

    1. Thanks so much Karin, I'm glad you think she's cute! Nerja really is a lovely place, particularly at this time of year before the tourist season when it gets a bit too crowded. Thankfully though it is one of those places that we enjoy all year round, and all weathers. Last time we were there, about 5 weeks prior to last week, it was absolutely raining cats and dogs.....and yet it was still nice!!!
      I hope spring arrives for you all soon. My mum said it was really really cold in Essex last weekend.

  4. Beautiful bright and clear Spring photos. Quite envy you living over there if this is the environment you are now enjoying whilst we still shiver in our woollies and fleeces.
    Olive looks like a cute and trendily dressed tiny, little fairy doll.

    1. Thanks so much Kendal, glad you liked the photos. I have to say that I can deal with winter here when it's so short and the skies are blue most of the time! I hope spring comes soon for you in the UK.
      Thank you also on my little Olive, I do love this little doll!

  5. Love you girl Olive, they are very captivating these dolls......but I must not get one....I'll just look at your lovely girls :)

    1. Thanks so much Dee, I'm glad you like my little Olive girl! Well if you're ever tempted, just give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction.....they're a lot cheaper than you might think, approx £112 plus postage at the moment, for a basic girl like mine!
      Not that I want to be an enabler or anything...LOL! ;D


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