Sunday 28 August 2011

Still at the coast and surfing.....the internet!

We have now been here at the coast for 2 and a half weeks which is the longest time we've spent here in ages and ages.....I feel that I just can't be bothered to go home and think Brian probably feels the same way!  But we plan on going home on Tuesday morning as we really have a lot of things that need doing, such as vet visits, bank etc.....we can't really put them off any longer!!

This morning I have been sitting on the deck in the shade surfing the internet and I just bought a Simply Vanilla Blythe with a view to customising her.  I've been looking at her for ages, probably for almost a year, since she was released.....and finally saw one for a price that I couldn't she should be coming from Hong Kong very soon. 

Like most dolly collectors, my interest in different dolls in my collection waxes and wanes.  At the moment I am very much into my Blythe girls, particularly Heather, my Prima Dolly Heather Sky who I brought to the coast with me.  She is my favourite of my 6 Blythes, probably because 1) she is tanned and I love tanned dolls and 2) she has the same name as my lovely Yellow Labrador Heather, who sadly had to be put to sleep on the 10th June 2009 at the age of 15 1/2 years.  I would imagine that people think I just kept the name Heather because I either have no imagination or couldn't be bothered to think up a new name for her, but no, it is because of my late dog Heather, that this particular Blythe keeps her factory name!  You couldn't find a sweeter dog or a sweeter Blythe, in my humble opinion! ;)

So whilst we've  been here I have been sewing for Heather.  I made her a new dress the other day and I used some fabric that was given to me many years ago by a lovely dolly friend of mine called Kati Janae.  I shall never forget the day that fabric arrived.  The postman came to the house with an enormous box, and for the life of me I didn't know what it was as I wasn't expecting anything.  But when I opened it....well my goodness, it was like all my Christmas's and birthdays came at once!  It was filled with all sorts of gorgeous fabric, patterns, buttons and trims, yarn, and sitting on top of all this was the cutest little Silvia Natterer doll!!  I almost cried with happiness at such a lovely present!!!  So....I used some of this fabric, finally, as I'd been saving it ... and Heather is the perfect recipient!! Here she is modelling her new 'frock'!!!

Speaking of dolly friends, it amazes me sometimes what wonderful and special friends I have made through this hobby....such lovely people who, the majority of which I have never met or am unlikely to ever do so, and yet I love them to bits and would really miss them if they weren't around!  I am blessed!

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