Tuesday 17 January 2012

Raining cats and .... dogs!

A couple of dolly 'tails' that I had to share!

The night before last it was pouring with rain, dark and miserable.  Hubby and I were sitting in the lounge minding our own business when there was a terrific 'thud' from just outside the window.  The first part of our patio is 'covered', having a roof of polycarbonate panels and the noise appeared to come from there.  Of course being dark and very wet out, we couldn't see a thing but thought perhaps it was our son doing something upstairs.  But then we heard it again, it was so loud that it made us both jump!  So we went out to investigate and there on the roof of our downstairs bathroom....was a large shaggy DOG!!!! 
Seeing us staring out of the window at him he got a bit 'spooked' and decided to run back across the roof of the patio, up onto the roof of the kitchen and along the rooves of our single storey laundry room and storage rooms!  The roof is very slanting there and I was so worried that he'd loose his footing and fall onto the hard ground below, breaking some of his bones....or worse!

But luckily son Brendan came to the rescue!  He recognised the dog as belonging to a neighbour a few doors up from us and so the quest began to get hold of the dog's he doesn't actually live in the house occupied by his dogs :(

It turned out that he was also looking for his dog and they were able to coax the poor soggy mutt off the rooftop, onto our upstairs terrace and down through our house and back to his own home without any injuries!! 

I was glad this little dog had a happy ending....the only problem now, was how to get rid of the smell of wet dog that came through our house with him!!!

The second doggy tail is that of Kara, our little brown Chihuahua.  She has recently been diagnosed as suffering from epilepsy and now has to take daily medication for the rest of her life, in the hope of preventing her from having fits.

The tablets are tiny to begin with but because Kara is so small herself, she only has to take one quarter tablet in the morning and one in the evening.  Well Kara has a reputation for being a bit of a 'fire-brand' when being forced to do anything she doesn't think she should be doing....and taking tablets is one of those things!   I have been carefully hiding the tiny piece of tablet in a piece of doggy sausage each morning and night and she's been really happy to take that from me...and wolf down her tablet in the process.  Or so I thought!

It turns out that the little minx has indeed been eating her sausage, but she's not been eating ALL of the tablets.  I went to her bed as I was a bit suspicious, I lifted her cushion only to find THREE separate tiny quarters of tablet hidden underneath!!!  And a further one quarter deposited under the parrots cages!!!!!  And there was me thinking what a good little girl she'd been, taking her tablets so well!  She has me wrapped around her tiny little paw, she really


Kara, a picture of innocence?!!!

Back to the drawing board!!!

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