Friday 27 January 2012

Dolly collecting....

I wonder if I'm the only dolly collector person who sells dolls then regrets it....then buys the same doll again?  I look at my list of dolls that I've adopted out and there really is a pattern emerging.  I have even bought some dolls twice and sold them again......weird eh?  I sometimes think it is that I love someone else's photos of a particular doll, I get one for myself and then mine doesn't seem to live up to the other persons photos and so I lose heart and she (or he!) has to move on.

Some of the dolls that have moved on, I re-order and they do stay second time round....which really makes me wonder if I actually thought it through when I sold previously, or whether it's just that at that particular time, that doll was not for me!

For example today I just ordered a Mini Fee Rheia and yet it's not that long since I sold a beautiful one to a friend in the UK!!!  And it's only now that I realise I miss her, hence the new order.  I did sell her though to fund the purchase of my lovely Elfdoll Dami, so no regrets on buying her, but regrets on how hasty I was to sell Rheia to get her.  Oh well!  The funny thing is, I had Elfdoll Amy and she was lovely....sold her to get someone else I guess....and so it goes on!

And yet some girls come here and I never for one moment think about giving them Little Fee Ante, Fiona (shown below), is one of those.  I just love her to bits and she's been here for a few years now!!! 

And yet some dolls move on and I don't have a moment of regret.............funny old game, dolly collecting!!!

On the non dolly front, we are at the coast since last Tuesday and up until this morning the weather has been lovely....what I would call 'short sleeves weather' if I weren't such a 'cold morning' sort of person!  But today is horrendous!  Rain, rain and more rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening and needing to put the lights on just after lunch....not a good day to be by the sea!  But we're nice and cosy indoors with the fire on, doggies curled up in their bed or on the sofa ..... so not such a bad day after all!  And added to that, a new fridge and microwave delivered this morning and lunch in a local Chinese restaurant in Torre del Mar......ahhhh what could be better!

Just adding a few photos from a couple of days ago when the weather was beautiful!

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