Tuesday 31 January 2012

And then there were .... FIVE!!!!!!!

Hubby and I have talked for a little while about adding another Chihuahua baby to our little 'pack' and so whilst we were down at the coast we decided to have a chat with a lady called Jenny who is a breeder of Chihuahuas in Malaga.  Jenny is a lovely person, originally from Belgium and has been breeding Chihuahuas for many years.  She sent us photos of all the puppies she had available and I 'sort of' fell in love with the photo of a very cute little boy puppy, who's pedigree name is Baudouin, named after the king of Belgium who ruled from 1951 - 1993.

So on Saturday we went to visit her, under no obligation to buy and really only with the intention of viewing her 'set up' as a breeder.  However, as they say "all the best laid plans....." , we both fell in love with different pups!  So in the end we came away with, not only Baudouin but also with Plupie too!

Baudouin is a 7 week old smooth coated standard Chihuahua who was born on the 9th December 2011.....from now on he will be known as Choco.  Jenny had been calling him Choco because of the colour of his lovely soft fur, and we think it suits him, so Choco he will remain.

Plupie (pedigree name) was born on the 1st October 2011 so she will be four months old tomorrow.  She is a cream coloured long haired Chihuahua, and is what is referred to as a 'tea cup' Chihuahua because of her small size.  She will now be known as Suki.

Both of them are settling in nicely and slowly finding their feet!!!  We took them to our vet today to register them with our own veterinary practice and for their first check up and they had their tiny nails trimmed.  Suki was very brave and didn't make any fuss, but little Choco was not overly amused at the vet giving him a little manicure!!!

Their personalities are quickly showing and it is becoming apparent that at the moment Suki is a bit of a 'devil', she is into everything and really bossing her tiny 'brother' about.  However, we think it won't be long before Choco has the upper 'paw'.  He may be small at the moment, but he has a very sturdy build!  I think he is going to grow up to be a bit of a 'bruiser'!!!

As for my 'bigger' small girls, Lucy, Yoda and Kara, they are getting used to the new arrivals.  Lucy is making sure that they are aware she is, in her opinion anyway,  'top dog'.... and Yoda has been playing 'tuggy' with Suki.  Kara .... well Kara is just Kara!  She is 'scared' of them both, I think they are a bit too 'lively' in her opinion.  Having said that, little Kara is scared of her own shadow, so it was no surprise that she'd be very wary of the newcomers!

So far they have been very hard to photograph.  Apart from sticking their bums to the sofa with double sided tape, how on earth does one photograph small puppies?!!!!  Anyway, here are a few 'not so good' photos taken on the evening they arrived. 

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