Monday 23 January 2012

Sew and sew....

Today I made a dress for my Iplehouse JID Asa, or Grace as she is called here.  I used a grey knitted cardigan that I bought some time ago and never wore.  It was so new that it still had the tags attached!  So I used the sleeves of the cardigan for the front and back of the dress because I wanted to incorporate the ribbing in the dress, and then part of the front of the cardigan for the sleeves.  I'm not overly happy with the collar but it will have to do!  I think it looks better on than I expected.  She needs a large shawl/scarf to go with it, I think! 

So here she is, I made her leggings last week and they go quite well with the dress.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go down to the coast.  We've not been there since September so the place is going to be dusty and probably cold, but the temperature is a bit warmer down there so it won't take long to heat up!  I plan to take some girls with me and hope to get some nice beach photos if there are not too many people about!

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