Friday 13 January 2012

A Great Dolly Day....

Today my postman bought me not one but two packages!  The first smaller package was a belated Christmas present from my dear friend May in Australia, she sent me some fancy blue fabric, some black lacy fabric with spiders in their webs on it and finally some leatherette fabric in black.  Very nice and very useful!

The second bigger package contained my Iplehouse JID Amy in real skin that I bought recently on the DOA marketplace.  The seller was here in Spain so it was 'almost' instant gratification, which I have to say is lovely sometimes!  I do like the anticipation of waiting for a doll or dolly package to arrive, but it's also great to get a package quickly too!  So this one only took 3 days to get here from Alicante. 

Well Amy is lovely, really pretty.  Her faceup was done by JinXed on DOA, who also sold her to me....the work on her is very nicely done but a bit pale in our very bright sunshine so I enhanced her a little bit by adding more freckles, some extra blush and darkened up her eyebrows a little.  I also gave her eyelashes as she came without them and looked a little 'bald'.  She's chosen a cute Frosted Blond wig by Spite & Malice on DOA and blue soft silicone eyes from Eyeco.  I'm very happy with her.  Here are a couple of photos:

In the meantime my Unoa Sist is in Customs here in Spain, so I'm keeping everything crossed that she'll get through without a hefty ransom!

In other news, Kara my little Chihuahua is doing well on her anti epilepsy medication, she's taking it nicely without any hassle (although I have to say that the fact that it's pushed into a piece of doggy sausage helps a lot!)  We really hope that she doesn't have any more fits now, although she'll have to take the meds for the rest of her life, bless her!

Today I made a dress pattern for the Iplehouse JID and made a prototype using knit fabric, it's only tacked/basted together at the moment but tomorrow I hope to sew it up on the machine and see how it looks. 

More on that tomorrow.......

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