Wednesday 13 February 2013

A group shot....

I am very OCD when it comes to my dolls and I have to display them in a certain way.  For example I can only display those of my BJDs with what I call 'in scale' heads,  together.  So if I have a bunch of MSDs (Mini Super Dollfies) who's heads are sized between 6 to 8 inches maxiumum then they are fine with YOSDs (Young Super Dollfies) who's heads measure 6 to 7 inches maxiumum and the tiny Lati Yellows, who's heads are 5/6 inches, fit fine with that group too. 

So today I put all the dolls that I consider to be 'correctly in scale' together and took a group shot.  I find group shots very hard to do.  I don't want to take them all outside to photograph in natural light so I have to depend on flash, which is never great, is it?  And of course someone always moves or closes their eyes, don't they!!! ;-)

I am embarrassed by how many there are in this photo and they're not all here!  There are still those who's heads don't 'fit'.......but they are for another day!!!

Back row - Left to right:
Fairyland Mni Fee Rheia, Volks MSD Toppi, Iplehouse JID Real Skin Amy, Unoa Sist, Light tan French resin Narae;
Middle row - Left to right:
Volks Yosd Papi, Dollzone Tanned BB Kay, Volks Yosd Ayumu, Narsha by Dollmore, Iplehouse KID Peach Gold Lonnie, Volks Yosd Neon, Elfdoll Lovely Dami (seated in brown fur hat), Kaye Wiggs light tan human Tillie;
Front row - Left to right:
Lati Yellow tanned Pirate Lea, Lati Yellow Anniversary Edition Dragon Gabbie, Lati Yellow tanned Pirate Miel,  Home tanned Custom House Ange Ai Uri, Fairyland Little Fee Ante, Hometanned Lati Yellow basic Miel, Volks Yosd Megu, Bambicrony tanned Caio Bella Judy. 


  1. Great group photo! They all look very well dressed.

    1. Thanks so much Lorriane. Glad you like photos are such a challenge, aren't they!

  2. Great shot. You have a wonderful group Sharon. And don't be ashame by the number. If you are I have to be ashamed by my number too. LOL

    1. Thanks Lene. I suppose it's the Catholic Guilt again that makes me feel ashamed and guilty for the number of dolls I have! LOL
      Hugs Sharon xx


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