Thursday 28 February 2013

SNOW!!!!! In sunny Spain!!!

Last night we suffered horrendous thunderstorms down here on the coast and they seemed to go on for hours!  I always get worried when we have thunder and lightening down here because we are literally surrounded by very high Eucalyptus trees and I fear them getting hit by lightening and coming crashing down.

We are also so close to the sea and the waves really were making a racket last night!   We have a dry river bed  just behind us.  When it rains torrentially, the 'dry' bed fills with water and rushes down from the mountains bringing all sorts of 'debris' with it, and carries it past us and on to the beach!!!  It's amazing what sometimes ends up on the sand!!

However, my photos this morning are from my son who is at home in Estepa, Sevilla.  He woke to ...  SNOW!!!  The whole area is covered in a thick blanket of the chilly white stuff, so I had to have photos!!  Apparently it was so heavy that it brought our gazebo down, completely bending the metal frame with the weight on the snow on the bamboo roof!! Another job to be done when we get home!!

The annoying thing is, on the few occasions when it has snowed in Estepa, we always seem to be at the coast!  I think my hubby has a hotline to the weather people as he just HATES snow!!!

The roof of our kitchen, bathroom and our covered patio.....

Looking up our street towards the convent.....neighbour Magdalena is already sweeping!

The roof of the covered part of our patio.....

Again looking up the hill towards the convent....

Looking down the hill, north towards Cordoba...the olive groves are completely white!

The palm trees look very odd coated in snow!

My poor lemons!!!!  And the collapsed gazebo!

And just are a few photos I took this morning down here on the coast...

Snow on the distant mountains of Malaga

Ahhh, there it is!  The sun hiding in the Eucalyptus trees!

Some lovely Jasmin in bloom on our deck!


  1. My God! Are you actually in the SAME country? What a contrast!

    1. Yes, a real contrast and only an hour apart!!

  2. Wow, what a difference! But snow or no snow, you live in a lovely country! :)

    1. It really is!! Thanks so much Randomfish!

  3. How amazing to think of you getting snow! Great photos.

    1. Yes, we don't get it very often, I think about three times in 9 years and it never lasts long, but it's so funny when it does come....the locals are very very excited!

  4. Just incredible! Could be Austria, ha ha! How are you coping, really??? How long do they think it's going to last? Do you have enough heating? xxx Karin

    1. Well we are coping very well Karin because we're at the coast at the moment! LOL, but my poor son said he was 'freezing'!!!! It was gone by the following day, it never stays long when it does come. Our house is really not designed for snow, it is quite cold but we do have some portable heaters that we move around to keep us warm!
      Hugs SHaron xx


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