Tuesday 5 February 2013

Yeaaah, she's here!

My Iplehouse KID Lonnie arrived from Australia today, in fact just an hour or so ago as my elderly neighbour took her in for me earlier today.  So I didn't have much time to photograph her before it got dark, so please forgive the flash photos.  She's very cute looking!  I quickly changed her eyes from the acrylic she came with, to these hazel glass, although I think they are a fraction too small for her.....I will try some others tomorrow.  I had already planned for her to be a brunette, but again will try some other wigs too. 

I took these quick photos in the garden, it had already got dark by the time I took them so they're taken with flash.....and apologies for her outfit which is came straight out of my dolls clothes box and therefore needs ironing!!!!  I just wanted to get some photos and needed to dress her in something!!

Other good news is that I received notification today that my basic Sleepy Berry has been shipped by Jerry Berry, so she should be here in about a weeks time.  I'm looking forward to seeing her because I've heard a lot of good things about these little dolls and would like to see if she is as cute in real life as she appears in photos!

Spring continues here in the Province of Sevilla, it's beautifully sunny and bright but still chilly once the sun goes down.  February is often quite a wet month here, but so far so good!


  1. Oh Sharon she's so beautiful! I just love her hair colour and her eye colour even though you're right about her needing some a little bigger. I really hope you're keeping this girl. She looks so sweet. Big hugs from Lene.

    1. Thanks Lene. I actually ended up keeping this size eyes because I really like how she looks in them. I usually go for larger, but somehow she just seemed perfect with these!
      She's now gone blond too!

  2. She is gorgeous Sharon, you must have an amazing collection of dolls!

    1. Thanks ever so much Lorriane. I am very lucky to have some beautiful dolls!


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