Monday 25 February 2013

A trip to N...Iceland!!!

Today we went to Iceland!! No, not the country but somewhere equally as exciting for a Brit Abroad! We went to the British supermarket chain, Iceland, in Fuengirola!!!

We usually only go there at Christmas time when we buy 'goodies' that we really can't substitute with other locally bought items but we thought we'd go today and stock up with stuff for the freezer!

Of course we always end up buying far too many 'naughty' things and so our cupboards are now full of 'English' goodies that we really didn't need to buy! But my excuse is that a little of what you fancy does you good....I'll ignore the fact that it also makes you fat!!!

So just a few things that we bought...Caramac bars (Ronny's fault as she keeps mentioning them); Cadburys Cream Eggs AND Caramel Eggs, Hot Cross buns, Ready Brek, Double Decker bar, Spotted Dick, Victoria Cream Sponge, Doctor Pepper....and too many other nice (read FATTENING) things!

It wasn't all sweet stuff though...I did buy a nice swede too!!! Can't get those locally!

Oh and I forgot to get crumpets!!! Looks like we might have to go again!!!


  1. Glad to hear you are having a nice HEALTHY DIET!!! :)
    Make me feel quite hungry!!

  2. Oh no! I think my blood sugar just went up too high looking at those pictures. Now where did I put something I can use to dry my keyboard after all the drolling?

    1. LOL, I'm so naughty Lene, but Brian encourages me saying "You'd better get what you want now....I don't want to get half way home and hear you say "Oh I should have got...." So what can I do but oblige? ;)

  3. Any Bovril there? Seems to have vanished across the hills and valleys of Wales..!

    1. Yes!! They had big jars of it and Marmite too! I remember seeing them and thinking that they were large jars...I only remembered it coming in small little jars in the UK!

  4. Never a day passes when some form of chocolate doesn't pass my lips and can't we tell from the looks of the stomach area!

    Still haven't been able to get my hands on any Caramacs or Walnut Whips. Must all be being kept down south where Ronny and Dee live.

    Always thought that Iceland was only a frozen food place but from these photos it looks like I was completely wrong. Must try to find out where my nearest store is as perhaps that's where I'll find some Caramacs.

    1. You and me both Kendal! I ate the Double Decker when we got home, but I was wasn't as nice as I remembered them to be. Today I ate one of the Cadburys Caramel eggs that I WAS going to keep until Easter...yeah right!
      I haven't opened the Caramacs, they're still in the fridge, although I keep looking at them every time I open the fridge door!
      I do believe that Iceland in the UK is indeed just for frozen foods but I don't know for sure because we never had one near to where we lived so I honestly can't recall ever shopping there. We were lucky as we had Tesco in one direction and Waitrose in the other, so were spoilt for choice!! But this Iceland sells all sorts of things from frozen or chilled through to cleaning products and even greetings cards. I wonder if it has a wider range of non frozen products because it is outside of the UK. I believe they are franchised to one company which covers Spain and Portugal. Things are much more expensive though. For example everything has the UK price on it but then the display will show the price in Euros. I bought a small ham joint which was marked £4, but it cost me 7 Euros!! Which is why we only really go there now and again!
      And yes, they had Walnut Whips too, but they were 1 Euro each, which I thought was a bit steep...maybe next time! LOL


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