Wednesday 27 February 2013

Dolly travels....

Whenever we come to the coast, I like to bring some dolls with me....and this time is no exception.  I brought three of them.....Leona (Iplehouse KID Lonnie), Olive (JerryBerry Sleepy Berry) and my beloved Heather (Heather Sky Blythe customed by me).  I also brought my sewing machine and all my sewing paraphanalia, my camera, my laptop (obviously) and my Kindle.  I like to come prepared!!

So far I have finished three books and started on a fourth......incidentally, I didn't think much of The Stepford Wives!!  I mean, what husband in his right mind would exchange his shaggy haired, tracksuit trouser wearing, Chihuahua hair covered,  saggy boobed, chocolate munching, dolly loving, slovenly wife, for one of those perfectly groomed, housework loving, pert boobed, perfectly groomed, automatons???  Mine probably!!!

So the sewing machine hasn't been touched yet, but maybe at the weekend I'll adapt some of the patterns I've been meaning to work on.

In the meantime I have actually taken some photos of my dolls, but only on the deck.  I meant to take them down to the beach and photograph them there, but I got lazy!!!  So here are just a few photos that I've taken over the last few days.....

Heather (Prima Dolly Heather Sky Blythe) customised by me.

Leona (Iplehouse KID Lonnie in Peach Gold skin, Faceup B) 

Olive (JerryBerry Sleepy Berry)


  1. Don't tell me you have forgotten to bring your Sasha dolls?!
    I love their clothing...Sasha would look SO good wearing a similar style!

    1. LOL no I didn't forget because they will come next time. They have to take it in turns! I have several ideas in my head for outfits for them, I just have to make the patterns!
      I'm glad you like their outfits. I can visualise my Sasha kids in some of these things too!
      Watch this space!


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