Thursday 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!

Roses are red....and heart shaped lollypops are pink!!!

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends....I hope your day goes well wherever you may be.....
(but hopefully you're not going for a gyny appointment at the hospital in half an hour like me)!

(That wasn't meant to rhyme!) nervous LOL.


  1. Hope all goes well at the hospital! Love the flowers!

    1. Awww thanks so much Lorraine. I'm back now and thank goodness all went well.
      Big hugs Sharon x

    2. what were you thinkin' girlfriend - an ob/gyn appt on *valentines day*!!!!
      enjoyed admiring your group photo yesterday - it looked like a class-room full of precious, adorably dressed, kids!
      hey - i happen to love anime. iyho - which doll reminds you most of those kool japanese(anime) heroines?
      enjoy your roses (i sometimes put the petals in my bath or in my bed) ok enuf secrets for one day.

    3. Oh if I could have avoided it, I would!!! LOL
      Now who is that Ann On y Mous? :) Is it you Jenn?
      Glad you liked the group photo! As for anime, I would say that some of the Volks Yosds can look incredibly Anime....particularly Suzuna, Rengemaru and they have the big eyes and smaller nose and mouth. Ahhh but Japanese anime heroines...maybe some of the Mini Fees? Or perhaps a beautiful Volks SDC, they are lovely! Expensive though.
      We only have showers in our house, no bath.....and I guess not a great idea to put the petals in the shower, it'd bung up the plug hole!!!! Not very romantic, am I!!!!

    4. nope, not jenn. wanna take another guess???
      thank you for your input, you're very close as i did manage to take a peek at all the ones
      you suggested. i particularly love the artistry of celebrated filmmaker hayao miyazaki - think "kiki's delivery service, spirited away, my neighbor totoro, ponyo, castle in the sky and etc." if you can think of that one bjd that would be just perfect, please, with a cherry on top, let me know. i'll check back here tomorrow, and thank you for allowing me to pick your brain.
      oh no, you're tubless - no petals - no bubbles :/

    5. LOL, I haven't a clue!! I'm thinking you're American because of a couple of things. Us Brits don't generally use the term 'girlfriend' for a friend who is a female, well more so these days but then I'm old!! And 'tub'...I think we're more likely to say 'bath'....Am I right so far?
      Now I'm thinking who of my friends also likes Anime....and that doesn't narrow it down much!!! You'll have to give me some more clues!!
      On the dolly front, I looked up the artistry of hayao miyazaki and have to say that I'd be leaning towards Volks or perhaps even Luts. Both companies have dolls with the big eyes/small nose/mouth combo, which is very cute and Anime. It depends on the size you're looking for, let me know and perhaps we can narrow it down a bit!
      Hugs Sharon x

    6. having a little mystery is fun. bingo! american - but granddaddy raised me and he was from the uk.
      i agree with your assessment regarding volks, and i'd like her to be small (yosd or smaller). just a little person i can place anywhere and have fun with. i'd like brown eyes and dark messy hair with a face that tugs at your heart. (i did take a look at the luts, they're cute.)

    7. I need more clues or give in!!! I know lots of Americans but not sure who raised them!
      Little Rengemaru and Suzuna regularly come up for sale on Den of Angels and not toooooo expensive sometimes!

  2. How lucky are you Sharon to be so spoilt on Valentines day!!!!! That hasn't happened to me for a LONG time!!!!

    1. Thanks Ronny! I am very lucky, Brian always remembers, bless him!
      You should treat yourself instead, then you can get exactly what you want for Valentines Day!!
      Hugs Sharon x


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