Wednesday 15 May 2013

A couple of girls up for adoption.....

I am trying to cut the numbers down here at Dambuster Dolls, so I have a couple of bjds (ball jointed dolls) up for adoption.....they are also listed on Den of Angels.

First up is Amy who is an Iplehouse JID in 'special real skin' which is a light creamy tan.  She is approx 45cm tall, made of lovely smooth resin, has the bigger bust, mobility joint and the older style body.  I believe she may have yellowed slightly but it is even.  She has a custom faceup by JinXed on Den of Angels and I have enhanced it slightly by adding more blush, some extra freckles and darkening the eyebrows a little.  She is a lovely doll and would come with a random wig and eyes, face protector and her Iplehouse box.

I'm asking $325 for her, plus postage from Spain.  I can do layaway (max 2 months) with $100 deposit and all payments are non refundable.

EDIT: Amy has now sold on layaway! 

Next up for adoption is my little Lati Yellow ex Pirate Miel.  She is a tanned doll and is approx 16cm tall.  She has a custom faceup by me with little freckles across her adorable nose.  

Miel does not appear to have yellowed at all but if she has then it is even all over.  Miel will travel with random eyes and her certificate, as well as spare hands.  She has her Latidoll box but it is enormous in relation to her size and would make postage more expensive.  I can package her up safely in bubblewrap and a smaller box for her journey to her new home.  

I am asking $350 or very near offer for Miel, plus shipping.  As with Amy above, I'm happy to do layaway with the same conditions.

I'm also open to possible trades!   Don't be afraid to ask, I can only say no and I promise that I'm always nice with it and never bite !!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Loved Amy and was very very tempted but managed to resist long enough for her to be sold, then of course thought OH No! I should have bought her!!!But really must not go down this road......well not yet....

    1. LOL, it's funny but as I was listing her on here, I thought of you Dee!!!
      She is a lovely doll and the price was good but maybe you would prefer a more 'child-like' MSD (medium Super Dollfie) if you wanted to start with this size? Amy has a child-like face but her body is quite curvy and standard MSD patterns and clothes are too tight across her big bum! I really like her face though! I think that if she were the doll for you, you'd not have hesitated!!
      I wonder if you will be tempted by a bjd!!

    2. So wishing I had gone for this girl now! if you ever decide to sell one similar let me know....slip

    3. She is particularly pretty looking, isn't she! I will let you know. I have just listed another MSD but don't know if she is to your liking, she is more serious looking.

  2. Good job I was out when this was posted! ;-) Amy is wonderful!

    As much as I also love your little Lati, I will stick to two for now, you know what they say, two's company, three's a crowd! Plus I need to clothe and shoe the two I have! ;-)

    1. LOL, Amy is pretty...she is gone to live in the UK, so I hope she can keep up her tan! ;)
      I know what you mean, it's so easy to keep adding to them, like with the Sasha girls and boys, and before you know have 8! I used to have 8 but am now down to 5. The problem is, I find them all so cute that I can never decide who to keep and who to get adopted!!


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