Monday 27 May 2013

Travelling light....?

Yeah right!!!!
This is the pile of stuff that went into the car for our trip to the coast!!!  You wouldn't mind if the place wasn't ours and we had to take bedlinen etc but this is just what I MIGHT need whilst I'm down there!  Everything but a small purple holdall and a black laptop bag belongs to me....oh and half a sack of dog food!!!!  

Somewhere amongst that lot are 6 dolls plus two more that I'm selling so they had to go too just in case they sell whilst I'm away, I can still send them; a sewing machine, a large bag of fabric, a box of threads, a folder of patterns, zips, elastic, trimmings, buttons!!!!  Brown wrapping paper, two different types of parcel tape, dolly outfits and shoes in case they fancy a change,  a plastic onion (don't ask!!), my laptop, tablet and Kindle, in fact everything but the kitchen we have one of those already at the coast!!!!

No-one can say I'm not thorough!!!!


  1. Laughing at all you are taking - but a girl's got to be prepared! I think my luggage is going to look somewhat like that when we go away in June (although I think DH will draw the line at the sewing machine and I don't think we will have room with three dogs and a boy in the car as well!

  2. You need some bigger bags - then you wouldn't have to take so many. LOL

  3. Now I'm rather fond of packing and like to make a very neat and tidy job of it with usually just the one meduim sized suitcase and a hand holdall... BUT if we are going all the way by car then I do like to tuck the smaller items in the dashboard cubby holds, door racks, under the seats etc so that it appears that I am very well organised and minimalistic.

  4. "a small purple holdall and a black laptop bag"
    You actually allow your husband to take more than one item?


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